Disney’s Planes touches down in Hollywood on Target’s Landing Zone!

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On behalf of SSM airlines, I will be your flight attendant for the World Premiere screening of Disney Planes presented by Target. Please fasten your seatbelt, and make sure your seat is back and folding trays are in their upright position. Final destination: El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Wheels up!

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I cannot lie, I was so excited to attend this event. It was everything I love and more wrapped up in a big beautiful red box with a pretty white bow: Hollywood, Disney, celebs, the paparazzi’s blinding flashes on the red carpet, but most of all, my undying love for Target. There was an abundance of excitement in the air at Monday’s event, the smiles and shear happiness of children and grown adults alike were enough to light up the movie theater’s glowing marque. That’s some serious wattage folks!

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The pre-flight entertainment at Target’s Landing Zone prior to take-off was first class all the way. Invited guests were ushered down the red carpet runway and welcomed by stilt walking aviators. The Target Flight Crew then manned booths with activities like crafts, skeeball, fishing, and flight simulators. At each of these stations, you had the opportunity to win fantastic Disney Planes prizes courtesy of Target. Other areas offered carnival type snacks, props to don for photo-ops, and an aviation inflatable fun zone. There was also a wall displaying the different kinds of exclusive and non-exclusive Disney Planes merchandise that can be found at Target.

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So while hubs was focused on getting his wings at the flight school and tot was throwing darts at the Target balloon bullseye, I had the pleasure of standing in line and getting to know some of the other families in attendance. Oh, I don’t know like: Hillary Duff and Luca, Hank Baskett & Kendra Wilkinson with Hank Jr., Mr. Kevin Nealon and his sons dressed in all sorts of aviator awesomeness, John Ratzenberger, Julia Bowen and sons, Giuliana Rancic (in fabulous Celine sunglasses,), Brooke Burke Charvet, Ashley Simpson with Bronx, and the super-duper cool Peter Facinelli and his gorgeous fam. P.S. Be careful not to trip and fall over all those names I just dropped.

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Inside the theater we had prime seats right in the balcony. My husband and I kept giving each other the “Is this really happening?” look.  Once the movie started the room was on fire. The audience cheered and belly laughed, sighed, and held our breath at times. It was a fun movie and to have Iceman and Goose reunited back up on the big screen together again, only this time as Bravo and Echo, made this Top Gun fan proud! Overall, this heartwarming tale about Dusty the crop duster plane who wants to so badly compete in a famous aerial race, but is petrified of heights is a hit. Disney once again proves that with the help and support of friends anything is possible.

At the conclusion of the credits, I had the opportunity to see the incredible cast members like Teri Hatcher, Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Priyanka Chopra, Cedric the Entertainer, Carlos Alazraqui (who stole the show!), and Anthony Edwards. To be surrounded by this much artistic talent was something truly amazing and unforgettable.

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Then this morning the unthinkable happened. As we began to recap last nights events as a family, there was a knock at our front door. A delivery man left a huge box with MORE Disney Planes toys from Target! Tot was besides herself. Actually, scratch that, DAD was besides himself. In addition to the toys, hats and T-shirts we won at the pre-party, the package was packed with even more Disney Planes items that you can find at Target.

It’s a toss up who in our family had the best time at the World Premiere screening of Disney Planes and Target Landing Zone, but one thing for sure, our family is officially red, white and spoiled! Thank you, Target!

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Disclosure: Savvy Sassy Moms was invited to the Planes Premiere by Target and nothing more was expected of us other than to share our incredible experience with you.  We like to give our readers the behind the scenes look into Hollywood when it is appropriate and fun!

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