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Way to Go Graco!

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Mid-range to higher-end stroller brands tend to update and improve their products yearly and introduce new ones on a regular basis. They know they have stiff competition and to stay in the front of consumers’ minds, constant innovation is a must.

“Mass produced” brands don’t play that game, and it is really too bad. Companies like Baby Trend, InStep, and Evenflo, haven’t introduced anything new nor made any improvements for years. Other budget-conscious brands might release a new product every few years to stay on the radar.

But the name that comes to mind first for budget-conscious families is Graco. Hands down.


Graco FastAction Fold Sport

Graco’s version of the B-Agile and City Mini: the FastAction Fold Sport

Respond to Trends

This company has come out with so many new and improved products in the last few years that it’s hard to keep up with them! Graco recognizes consumer trends that the higher-end strollers respond to right away.

Here are some of the newer Graco strollers released recently, most of which are getting really good reviews and are giving consumers exactly what they want for value pricing.

Graco Ready2Grow

The new sit and stand Graco Ready2Grow has 12 seating options.

Sit and Stands

Late last year, Graco introduced its first sit and stand strollers. One is called Ready2Grow and has 12 seating options that suit twins and different age siblings from newborn to pre-school years.

The RoomFor2 does not come with a parent facing seat, nor does it have 12 options. It is the pared down version, and the budget friendly price reflects this at about $125.


All-terrains and joggers have been around a long time, and it wasn’t until 2011 that Graco introduced the Trekko, their first 3-wheeled jogger.

They now have two more models, and both use Graco’s new FastAction Fold technology, basically “borrowing” Baby Jogger and Britax folding mechanism. It is a huge selling feature that moms want at all price points!

The FastAction Fold Sport, in the first photo, is looking just like the City Mini and the B-Agile.

Next is a jogger with air-filled tires called (not surprisingly) the FastAction Fold Jogger. It looks just like the Baby Trend Expedition and accommodates the Click Connect car seat as a travel system.


The big deal today is about light weight and less bulk; Graco doesn’t make their full-sized strollers any more. Choose from nine products. The newest includes Modes, with a reversing seat that transforms into a bassinet. FastAction Fold, UrbanLite, and Dynamo Lite are practical and up-to-date. The redesigned car seat stroller frame is called the SnugRider Elite, with more features and better design.

Have you seen Graco’s new strollers? What do you think of this budget-friendly brand?

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