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I’ve just recently started to ask myself  “Where did my baby go?

That’s my “little man” Hudson.  He’s not so little anymore 🙁

Hudson is going into first grade and well, we’re way past shopping in the toddler section.  In fact, this little guy just passed his 7yr old sister in height and shoe size!  He’s at that in between stage for clothing, because I don’t want to dress him like a baby but I don’t want him to look too much like a big boy either.   This is very much like when little girls exit the princess phase and dive right into Hello Kitty then onto iCarly.  As much as we love Small Paul and Spongebob we’re moving on.

Move over Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku Mini lovers because snowboarders can design for Target too!  The Shuan White for Target clothing line for boys is right up my little dudes alley, even though he has yet to set foot on a snowboard or skateboard.   My little man thinks he’s pretty cool in these clothes.  I even bought him the Shuan White sheet set for his bed and he couldn’t wait to sleep on them.  Shaun White for Target has everything from shoes, swim trunks, polo shirts, hats, room decor, skateboards and even skateboard ramps. I’m not sure we’re ready for the skate ramps, but maybe next summer!

So when is it time to stop grabbing my little man’s butt?

Disclosure:  I was sent four pieces of the Shuan White collection for my little man to give a try.   He’s very happy with them.  I bought the sheet set myself, just FYI.

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