Baby Owls are still trendy and cute as ever.

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Think the owl trend is so last year? Think again! From adorable shoes, pajamas, onesies and dresses, our favorite nocturnal friends are not going away anytime soon. Owls are such whimsical, beautiful creatures and they add a sweet touch to baby’s nursery, kids clothes, or any other accessory for your little ones. Take a look at some other cute owl finds below.

Newborn Crochet Owl Hat – $15.00 Etsy

This little hat is the perfect unique accessory for your newborn! Especially on those chilly spring days (and fall too!) when you need a bit of warmth, this would be a great item. It wouldn’t be too hot, just enough to keep their little heads warm. Such a sweet hat!

Upcycled Owl Applique Shirt – $8.50 Etsy

I love this soft upcycled owl tee! The price is amazing too. This is an awesome way to show your kids the importance of recycling and how it can be used to create something new. Put it together with a pair of jeans and some sneakers and you’ve got a great casual outfit.

Baby girl owl shoes – $18.00 Etsy

I love these little baby shoes! Some shoes are really difficult to keep on babies, but these ones have an elastic that goes around the ankle to ensure that these stay put! The soft soles are perfect for developing feet and have grips on the bottom for those that are starting to walk.

Owl Faux Fur Hoodie – $14.99 (On sale!) Gymboree

I adore this comfy owl hoodie! It’s one of those throw-on-and-look-cute-without-any-effort items that I find so necessary when it comes to kids wardrobes. It’s made of plush faux-fur so it will be incredibly comfortable, and the embroidered owl face and flowers are to die for!

DwellStudio Owls Sky Short Sleeve Bodysuit – $22.00 Petit Tresor

When my daughter was a newborn I got really tired of the solid-colored onesies, but since a onesie is such an important part of newborn attire I had drawers full of them. How I wish I had seen a onesie like this! It’s a cute little article to brighten up your baby’s wardrobe, especially if you have a huge stock of boring onesies like I did!

Mini Boden Animal Patchwork Tee – $28.00 Nordstrom

This is a great simple tee that doesn’t go overboard with owls. The contrasting pattern of the owl makes for a pretty color contrast. I can’t imagine any girl turning down this sweet shirt!

Stephen Joseph Owl Rainboots – $28.00

Spring time can be rainy, and almost every child I’ve met loves to play outside in the rain and jump in puddles. You can go classic with yellow rainboots, or you can opt for a fun pair like this! The bold colors of these boots are sure to brighten up a grey day.

Skip Hop Zoo Bibs – Owl – $8.00 Petit Tresor

Even though they’re there to catch spills, bibs can be a cute accessory too! This bib could be used for boys and girls alike. They’re lightweight, water-resistant and have a little pocket at the bottom to catch all of those little crumbs. They’re portable too, tucking into its own built-in pouch when you’re done!

Lucky Jade Owl Knit Coveralls – $88.00

These one-piece coveralls would be a gorgeous addition to your baby’s wardrobe.  They’re a cotton and cashmere blend (luxurious!) and the colors are neutral enough that you could put them on a boy or a girl. The palette is a bit closer to the owls we see in nature so it’s a nice reprieve from the boldy colored cartoon versions we see often.

Owls Baby Pants – $19.00 Zutano

Here’s another cute way to dress up your plain onesies! I used to love having a cute pair of pants to go overtop of a onesie to liven it up. They’re easy to throw in the wash in case of those non-avoidable accidents, and versatile enough to go with any color in your baby’s wardrobe. What’s not to love?

Charlie Rocket Owl Tee – $11.99 6PM

If you have a nature-lover in the house, this would be the perfect shirt for them. With most owl-themed clothing you often see the vibrantly colored versions. I love that we get to see the owl in it’s real form in this shirt.

Are you over the owl trend or still loving it? Do you have any cute owl finds to share with us?


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