April Baby Bundle Giveaway

April Baby Bundle with Babymoov {Giveaway}

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April Baby Bundle Giveaway

It’s a new month and a new Baby Bundle Giveaway to kick us off! This month, we’re featuring some favorite picks for Baby from Babymoov, a company who is innovative, modern and chic, offering products that fit perfectly into your life as a mom, while still maintaining their style.

Babymoov 0 Emission Camera LG Savvy Sassy Moms

Zero Emission Baby Camera

Babymoov is the first brand to take into consideration the potential health impacts of electromagnetic waves. With the arrival of the Zero Emission Baby Camera, Babymoov launches a worldwide innovation: the first connected video camera that completely eliminates electromagnetic waves from the baby’s room.

The secret to this worldwide innovation is the use of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology. With this system, waves are carried from the baby’s room through the home’s electrical wiring to another room in the house. Parents simply plug their camera’s adapter into an electrical outlet in the baby’s room and connect a second adapter to the home’s modem. The camera sends the signal to the modem, which then connects the camera via WiFi to any authorized device. The camera’s patent-pending acrylic mount enables the camera to be used on any crib frame.

Key Features

Unlimited Range via WiFi
Connects to intuitive and complete application for iOS and Android devices
Walkie Talkie functionality
High-resolution image & video and crystal clear audio
Multi-users – connects up to 4 users simultaneously
Multiple Alerts for temperature, motion detection
Night Light
Night Vision
Temperature Sensor
Universal attachment to connect to any crib or bed frame

MSRP: $199.99
Zero Emissions Baby Camera

U.S. Arrival: Late April 2015
Optional WiFi Key (for nights away from home): $19.90
Optional Receiver (to watch baby continuously without using phone or tablet): $99.90

Babymoov Nutribaby Cherry Savvy Sassy Moms
Nutribaby Food Processor – Cherry

The flagship of the company’s U.S. launch is Babymoov’s award-winning Nutribaby Food Processor, a five-in-one tool that warms, sterilizes, defrosts, steams and blends and features a digital screen for easy set-up of the functions. The Nutribaby guarantees healthy and tasty cuisine by giving parents the ability to cook different ingredients, each in its optimal cooking time, at the same time. With the Nutribaby’s two cooking baskets, parents simply start with the foods that need to cook the longest then add the other ingredients to the second basket once their correct cooking time is left in the cycle. Cooking foods separately and for the correct amount of time ensures that baby benefits from all of the foods’ vitamins and flavors.

The appliance’s detachable blender and cooking units offer the largest capacities on the market, 6.25-cups blending and 3.75-cups steaming, to help busy moms easily prepare several meals at once or prepare one delicious meal for multiple children. All five functions of the Nutribaby are digitally controlled by the LCD display that guides the user in an intuitive way eliminating the need to constantly refer to the manual or measure water. Parents simply fill the reservoir, set the cooking time and wait for the cycle to complete.

Key differences between the Nutribaby Food Processer and other baby food makers on the market:

Two Baskets: Separate baskets allow parents to cook food separately. Separate cooking ensures food keeps its vitamins and flavors. With standard food processors, all the ingredients are cooked together and for the same amount of time.

Can also be used from birth to warm bottles and jars and sterilize bottles and accessories.

Set cooking time by minute, not water level, using a digital screen. Better ability to control cooking time helps ensure that veggies and protein retain their vitamins and flavors.

Huge Capacity: 6.25 cups food processing/blending; 3.75 cups steaming. The capacity allows parents to make multiple meals at once. (Beaba: 1 cup blending; Baby Brezza: 2.5 cups blending; SmartPlanet: 2.5 cups blending; 2 cups steaming)

MSRP: $119.99
Nutribaby Food Processor

Babymoov Digital Humidifier Savvy Sassy Moms
Digital Humidifier

Babymoov’s Digital Humidifier offers a huge capacity tank with a running time of 15 to 26 hours,
rotating steam head, choice of humidity, temperature and steam output levels, an automatic shut-off
when the water level is too low, a nightlight, essential oils diffuser and LCD screen for easy
programming. Babymoov’s Digital Humidifier allows parents to set the unit to their ideal humidity
level. Once the room reaches this level, the humidifier turns off. If the humidity level drops, the
humidifier kicks back on. This automatic on/off keeps the room at the optimal humidity level and allows the water in the tank to last longer.

Key Features

Display of ambient temperature and humidity levels
Cool mist (ultrasonic humidifier) with adjustable flow
Choice of humidity levels: automatic setting from 30% to 90% humidity
Humidity levels can be programmed at desired times
Nightlight function using separate red and blue illuminated LEDs (on/off)
360° rotary mist output
Running time: 8 to 22 hours (depending on setting)
Automatic shut-off when water level is too low
Removable essential oil diffuser
Child-Safe (dial can be blocked)
Backlit blue LCD display

MSRP: $99.99
Digital Humidifier

Turbo Steam Sterilizer

Babymoov’s Turbo Steam Electric Sterilizer is the first 2-in-1 sterilizer that offers parents the cleaning efficiency of a sterilizer and the convenience of a bottle drying rack. The sterilizer’s patent-pending turbo steam system and long, removable steaming arms direct steam at the core of bottles for efficient sterilization of the entire bottle.

The Turbo Steam Sterilizer accommodates all types of bottles and its central structure allows it to sterilize up to six bottles, inside and out, in 10 minutes. The universal system’s removable arms modulate the space to sterilize other types of products such as breast pump shields and jars.

Like all Babymoov products, the Turbo Steam Sterilizer is intuitively designed, easy to use and backed by a lifetime warranty. Step by step instructions and a measuring cup are included. An alarm sounds when the cycle is complete and the system’s automatic shutdown prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

MSRP $64.99
Turbo Steam Sterilizer

April Baby Bundle with BabyMoov

Contest ends 4/30/2015 at 11:59 p.m.
U.S. Residents only.
Must be 18 or older to enter and win.
One winner will win all four Babymoov products.
Total value approximately $485.

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  11. The product that caught my eye the most is the Zero Emission Baby Camera.

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  13. The Nutribaby Food Processor really caught my eye! I would love to have it.

  14. I love the sterilizer. It grosses me out when the drying rack that you are putting your baby bottles on starts to looks nasty. Can only imagine how many germs collect on that thing.. eek..

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  40. 4 things that caught my eye: the video monitor because ours just broke! We need a new one for baby #2! Also, the steamer would SAVE us, as we don’t have a dishwasher anymore. Then of course the humidifier and food processor would be awesome items to have in the house. Love them all!

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