How to Create the Perfect Baby Bath Station

Creating the perfect baby bath time station

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In our family, bath time is one of the happiest moments of our day. It’s a chance to totally unplug and engage with our girls. My youngest baby, Everly, is three-months-old and just loves her bath time!

How to Create the Perfect Baby Bath Station

After two years of giving baths to my little ladies, I’ve come up with the perfect station to make bath time a breeze. The key is to have everything you need within arms reach — I gather all of my essentials in a cute metal bucket and get down to business!

Creating the perfect baby bath time station
Checklist for the Perfect Baby Bath Station
1. Start with the tub

Everly loves her Shnuggle bath. The little curve at the bottom of her tub helps her sit upright, which makes washing up a slippery baby so much easier. It also makes splashing and playing more fun too… at least for her! The non-slip back also ensures that she stays right where I sit her, a very important feature as she gets older and squirmier during bath time.

2. Just add soap

I think every family has their favorite baby soap. We’ve always been a Johnson’s family. I just love the smell of their products and the pump top mean I can always keep one hand on the baby.

3. Get washing

Soft washcloths are a must! I usually try to keep a handful in my bucket because we always use more than I expect. These days, Everly requires her own, just so she can chew on it.

4. Have a little fun

With Everly sitting upright with my undivided attention, bath time is the perfect time to play. A simple rubber duckie or other play toy can help spur a little more bath time fun and they’re easy to keep in your bath time basket.

5. Baby maintenance 1010

My little lady doesn’t have much hair yet, but I keep her brush on-hand to make sure her hair is all going the right direction before it quickly dries. If you’re using a brush during your bath time routine, make sure it’s one that will dry easily. Hopefully we’ll have more to brush soon!

6. Snip, snip, snip

I keep all of our nail grooming supplies in the bath station because it’s the perfect opportunity to trim up her fingers and toes. While she’s air drying after her bath, I’ll clip her nails and file down and sharp edges.

Checklist for Creating a Baby Bath Station

What would you include in your bath time station?

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