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Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas and Free Lunchbox PrintableAt our house, my kids are responsible for making their own lunches. They think I am the worst mother in the world for making them do it, but I think kids need some kind of responsibility. I am there to help them if they need it, but I make them do the majority of the work. At the beginning of the year, I sit down with them and ask them what they would like to eat for lunch so that I can buy those things. Honestly, they would eat the same thing every single day, which is fine with me as long as they follow our lunchbox rules.

Teaching Kids to Make Their Own Lunches (Free Lunchbox Printable!)Our lunchbox rules for packing school lunches

While we have our kids pack their own lunches, they do have to follow a few guidelines. Can you imagine what they’re lunches would look like if we didn’t?

Here’s what they need to include in their lunch:

1 Fruit or vegetable
1 Protein
1 Treat
1 Drink

They have to eat their fruit or vegetable every day. If they don’t, they aren’t allowed to have a treat the next day. They are generally really good about doing this!

Our “rules” are very simple and very easy and I’ve found that it’s the right amount of food for them, too. They don’t get a lot of time to eat at school, so overwhelming them with a bunch of options in their lunchboxes doesn’t help.

Filling their lunchboxes with good eats

I like to keep lots of fruit and other snacks on-hand so that each they can switch it up each day. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies are a huge hit in our house! I love that they are organic and made with 100% real cheese. I also buy the Bunny Grahams and love them so much that I have a hard time sharing them with my kids!

This year they choose four different meals:

PB&J: Always a classic, it’s easy for them to make themselves and they can customize it with their favorite kind of jelly!



Meat, cheese and crackers: Kids love that this is a DIY lunch when they’re at school! They can build their own stacked combos or eat everything on its own. My kids love these Mash-ups by Plum Organics and I love that they are getting fruit and vegetables at the same time and they don’t know it!

Apple, pretzels, peanut butter and string cheese: There’s something about this combo that goes so well together!

Quesadillas: If you don’t have a quesadilla maker you need to get one right now. The kids can just throw a tortilla on there with some cheese and in two-minutes they have a quesadilla! Best invention ever!

Add a little love to their lunchbox

Even though they make their lunch, I want them to know I am thinking about them while they are gone away at school, so I sneak in a cute note into their lunchboxes after they go to bed. I don’t do this everyday, but when I do they always says something about it after school, so I know that they love it and are excited to discover that little note

Click below to print out these cute free lunchbox printables that you can tuck in your kids’ lunchboxes, whether they pack their own lunches or if you’re still on lunch-making duty!


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