5 essential places to babywear

5 Essential places to babywear

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Babywearing with my first daughter was fun, but with my second, it has been downright essential! Being able to wear my 6-month-old, Everly, is the difference between getting dinner on the table and serving cereal to my family… for the third time in a week. It’s easy, adorable, and comfortable to wear your baby just about anywhere, especially with the help of a carrier you love.

5 Places to Wear Your Baby

5 Essential places to wear your baby
1. Around the house

Like I mentioned above, babywearing is the only way I’m able to get meals prepped for my family, and the same goes for pretty much every other household task. Everly helps me fold laundry, vacuum, and complete the futile task of putting away toys.

2. Neighborhood walks

Our family takes a walk every single night after dinner. We load up my 2-year-old in her favorite red wagon, grab the dog’s leash, and strap Everly into her Ergo. She absolutely loves being able to see the sights, and I love being able to handle all three of my kids on a walk (dog included!) even if my husband can’t make it for our evening stroll.

3. Toddler outings

As the little sis, Everly tags along to all of Eleanor’s fun toddler outings. From the kids’ gym to music class, my little lady has seen it all. Babywearing makes handling outings with two kids a breeze. Even with an energetic toddler to chase, I can always keep up with Everly safely strapped to my chest.

4. Grocery shopping

Wearing Everly at the grocery store has been a game changer! Have you ever tried stocking up on groceries with a baby’s car seat carrier in your cart? I don’t recommend it, unless your baby doesn’t mind getting buried under yogurt and frozen peas. Babywearing means I can grab everything my family needs in one trip!

5. Naps: anytime, anywhere

If Everly is struggling to fall asleep, I simply pop her in her Ergo. The gentle movement and being close to her mama are just what she needs to settle in for a snooze. I can do this any place she needs to take a snooze, making her carrier like a mini-crib on-the-go. And, as we all know, a sleeping baby is a beautiful thing!

5 Places to Wear Your Baby

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Where’s your favorite place to babywear?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more!!! I rarely used my baby carrier with my first, but my second LIVED in hers for the first 6 months of her life. I don’t know how I would have survived without it.

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