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Fruity and frozen cocktail recipes for hot August nights

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Fruity Cocktails for Hot August Nights
Take advantage of local flavors for summer cocktails

Fresh, seasonal fruit is one of the most fabulous parts of summer. Use your best farmer’s market finds to add a burst of flavor to your cocktails to cool you down on these end-of-summer hot August nights. Summer cocktails make the most of fruity recipes and frozen drinks. These recipes can turn any gathering into a party!

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Cocktails filled with fruity flavors

Sarah Hearts crafts a tasty cocktail with her Grapefruit Mint Granita Punch. Not only is this fruit cocktail refreshing and filled with citrus flavor, the color is gorgeous. It’s perfect for a brunch or afternoon party, when your guests can sip it in the sun.

Boysenberry Mojitos from The Devil Wears Parsley take a classic cocktail and add a fruity twist one doesn’t often find in cocktail recipes. The boysenberries can be replaced by any summer berry, but why would you want to do that when these are so delicious just as they are?

Cooks with Cocktails knows the only thing better than a delicious, fruity cocktail is a fruity cocktail that adds ice cream to the mix. The Raspberry Vodka Sparkling Wine Float needs to immediately go on your must-try list before the end of summer. With ice cream involved, you can consider it dessert, too!

The Drink Blog takes the quintessential souther summer fruit — the juicy peach — and puts its flavor to work in the Peach Lime Rickey. The fizzy cocktail works perfectly for days when you want something refreshing, bubbly, and not overly sweet or syrupy.

If you prefer your cocktails a little more savory than sweet, definitely try the Grilled Pineapple-Jalapeno Summer Cocktail from Chili Pepper Madness. Flavored vodka and rum mean this cocktail packs quite the punch, so proceed with caution and enjoy the flavor kick from the fresh jalapeno.

Chef Savvy mixes up the Mixed Berry Mojito in less than five minutes. The rum-based cocktail takes advantage of the abundance of summer berries, muddled together to create a cool beverage bursting with flavor. If you love mojitos, she has other variations to try, too.

Refreshing frozen cocktails

Maya from Treats and Eats describes the Strawberry Margarita Granita as part half cocktail and half dessert — a combination that sounds just about perfect to us! You can change the ingredients to make this frozen treat non-alcoholic, which makes it a fun option for a party where you’ll be serving kids or friends who prefer not to drink alcohol.

A Pineapple Margarita from Foxy Folksy helps cool off the summer heat. The frozen cocktail is adapted from the classic margarita and uses the fresh flavors of summer blended together for a sweet, icy concoction.

In It 4 the Long Run offers a Frozen Paloma that’s a truly refreshing frozen cocktail made with a burst of citrus flavor. It pairs perfectly with Mexican food, so serve it with your favorite guacamole and chips and enjoy the warmth of the summer evenings.

Busy Mommy knows sometimes you don’t have to leave the lemonade stands to the little ones. The Spiked Pink Lemonade Frozen Fruit Cups are a special summer treat for your pool party guests. With a little prep work, you can freeze these the night before — they’ll be slushy in no time if you’re outside in the sunshine.

No summer cocktail list would be complete without a watermelon-based beverage. The Tequila Lime Watermelon Ice Shots from Czech In the Kitchen make the most of summer’s iconic fruit. Whether you’re using watermelon you have left over from a summer barbecue or buying it specifically for these icy treats, you won’t be disappointed.

Please share your favorite fruity cocktail with us!

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