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Have you seen B. Toys?

While the name may not strike you as familiar as, say, Fisher Price, I’m sure you’ve seen B. Toys products somewhere. From Target to Barnes and Noble, lately everywhere I go, there they are! They’re hard to miss with their colorful and whimsical designs (not to mention cute eco-friendly packaging) and my daughter always gravitates towards them. I love that all of the packaging can be reused or recycled, or even given as a gift as-is (hence the attached gift tag on all the toys, not to mention that some of the boxes can literally wrap themselves by reversing the packaging!) B. Toys also gives a portion of the sale of every toy purchased to Free the Children, a nonprofit organization that builds schools in needy communities. How’s that for feel-good?

New favorites from B. Toys

Some of the newer offerings in their product line includes a Wee M.D. doctor kit (pictured above) that Little Miss just can’t get enough of. Every day she’s convinced she has to “fix” someone (human or dog,) and totes the kit from room to room, then goes through all the steps from checking our chests with the stethoscope, to taking our blood pressure. I was amazed at the array of medical tools this kit came with. The carrying case is also more than roomy enough to keep adding more and more items as they accumulate.


Another new B. Toys favorite is the Baa Baa Barn. I can see this toy entertaining a child from as early as when they can sit up around 6 months to toddlerhood. My 2-1/2-year-old daughter loves it and plays with it daily, which is no easy feat considering the absurd amount of toys we have. The animals make noises when placed on certain parts of the barn, the lights really turn on, creatures pop out when certain items are moved and there’s music and swirling balls involved. Add a dozen other thoughtful features, and I’m sold.


Submaplane: For budding engineers

If your older child is into being handy and figuring things out, they could spend hours (OK, maybe that’s just every mom’s dream) playing with the Submaplane. It comes with an actual working child-friendly power drill complete with interchangeable bits. Kids can transform an airplane into a submarine and vice versa or a combination of both using their skills and imagination. And as a parent, I really appreciate how there are no parts that are too little, or too much of a pain to have to pick up all the time (that goes for all of their toys we’ve owned so far.)

These are just a small sampling of the awesomely creative toys that B. Toys makes, so if you ever come across these in the store, I highly recommend you check them out!

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