Instagram Travel Thursday: Christmas in Guatemala

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Instagram Travel Thursday:  Christmas in Guatemala

Welcome to Instagram Travel Thursday. This fun link up is hosted by Skimbaco Lifestyle and a few other of my favorite travel bloggers. Usually I post my pictures over on Wanderlust Living but this week I thought I would share a some snapshots of our families recent travel adventure to Guatemala.

We are currently living in Costa Rica and for Christmas we decided to leave the beach behind and wander up to Guatemala for a liitle change of scenery.  The temperature change was refreshing and I got to wear jeans and a scarf 🙂 We spent three nights in the small historic city of Antigua and three nights over at the breathtaking Lake Atitlan.  I will be posting all the travel details on Wanderlust Living soon, but for now take a walk with me….

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16 of my favorite Instagram pictures from Guatemala 2013.

1.  Our convent turned hotel and museum in Antigua

2.  The beginning of a coffee bean

3.  Local women selling handmade crafts, jewelry and accessories.

4.  Motorcycles.  Remind me of my Dad.

5.  Early morning hot chocolate in a Christmas cup

6.  Watching a chocolate be molded and shaped.

7.  Art in the streets

8.  Oh Antiqua, you’ve stole my heart

9.  Our pool at Casa Santa Domingo

10. Waiting for a boat at Lake Atitlan

11. Off to see the world

12.  At the pool with a margarita, a view of the lake and three volcanos

13.  Who’s going in first?

14. Guatemala style

15.  Shopping in Guatemala

16.  Dreams do come true.

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  1. Ha ha, “jeans and scarf”, I can’t wait to wear just jeans and scarf! Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a lovely holiday!

  2. Pretty amazing Christmas you had – such lovely photos! I would love to be sipping margaritas on the poolside with all those beautiful volcanoes on the background!

  3. awesome pics! Love Guatemala and hope to be living there myself some day 🙂 I have to admit, I appreciate the pic of the coffee bean, we’ve got about 4000 bushes planted in hubby’s hometown and within a year they should be producing some-I’ve never seen coffee beans picked fresh from the source, so this definitely helps… Also, of course the photos of Antigua, hope to get there again this summer, love the market and of course volcano scenery…

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