Why I ONLY Wore My Sneakers on My Romantic Getaway!

Why I ONLY Wore My Sneakers on My Romantic Getaway!

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Travelling to Greece is everything like the movies makes it out to be. The stunning cascading blue-topped buildings and cobblestone seaside pathways had been on my bucket list for years. Not to mention, I couldn’t wait to sink my toes into the sands of the gorgeous beaches in Santorini and Mykonos for my romantic getaway with my husband. I was anxiously awaiting my 25th anniversary, and we decided that this would be the time to splurge and live out our Mamma Mia fantasy. And, it is everything I pictured and more.

Why I ONLY wore my sneakers on my romantic getaway

Why I ONLY Wore My Sneakers on My Romantic Getaway!

Disclaimer: this trip includes sneakers!  Based on the plethora of activities I was counting on doing, I did pack a few pairs of shoes for my holiday. I thought maybe, just maybe the kitten heels would be worn out for dinner one night. I always pack them, and I like a little height in the evenings. Boy, was I ever wrong. After a long day of touring, I couldn’t bare to wedge my exhausted toes into even my kitten heels, so I decided that my sneakers were the official shoe of my Greece trip. Here are some of my highlights and tips about my romantic getaway to Greece.

Crete is unaffected and sneakers are essential for getting around

Why I only wore sneakers on my romantic getaway!

Our 25th anniversary trip began in Crete where we stayed at the quaintest hotel in Chania, The Theodore Boutique Hotel. I felt as though I was immersed in the local lifestyle and culture. Everything seemed so untouched and authentic. All around the locals were riding their scooters, lounging in cafes, and sauntering along the beach. We decided to rent a car which was a little frightening for me. The winding roads and mountain hills were not so easy to navigate. Wearing my sneakers was key when I was pushing my foot down on my invisible break, even though I wasn’t driving! However, with a car, sights were more accessible privately that otherwise would have been spent on group tours.

Some of the sandy Cretan beaches we visited were: Balos, Gramvousa Beach, Elafonisi and Falassarna.

Travel tips: 

  • Wear your sneakers! You cannot get to Balos by car. There is some walking /hiking involved regardless if you take a ferry or jeep ride to have closer access.
Santorini is the perfect destination for a  romantic getaway!

Why I ONLY Wore My Sneakers on My Romantic Getaway!

Next stop: Santorini. I used Mr. Travel (a travel agency) to help me with this portion of our trip. Transfers, ferry rides and booking a hotel in Santorini seemed daunting to me. So many choices! This was a huge help! In the summer, ferry docks are BUSY! People rush about aimlessly, and I had trouble finding assistance on the docks.  Ferry times and boats change regularly!

Travel tips:

  • Find and check in at a ticket counter once you are at the port to ensure your tickets, seats and boat are confirmed, otherwise you could be waiting at the port for a boat that is not really a boat you are expecting.
  • Wearing sneakers is key! There are stairs everywhere you go in Santorini.
  • A sunset tour is a really nice treat, you can book this at your hotel, prior to your trip or on almost any corner in Fira.
  • When selecting a hotel in the summer time, ensure there is a pool, beach or swimming nearby. It is boiling hot in Santorini!
  • Book dinner reservations in advance in the summer: we loved our dinners at Argo in Fira. The sunset view took our breath away!
  • We also enjoyed a lovely dinner at Dimitris, a quaint seaside restaurant.
Mykonos is not to be missed!

Why I ONLY Wore My Sneakers on My Romantic Getaway!

Mykonos is beautiful! We rented an Air B and B in Mykonos. I would not recommend that! Why? There is no one around to help you or recommend places to go! We rented a car in Mykonos because our property did not seem to be walking distance to any amenities. Have you seen what the driving in Mykonos looks like? Basically, it is a one-way dirt road most of the time with cars coming fast both ways. Trying to navigate where you are and driving is a little dangerous. Throughout my concern, I sighed and praised be that I was wearing my classic white sneakers instead of uncomfortable heels.

Highlights and Tips:

Don’t forget to include your most comfortable shoes when packing!

Why I ONLY Wore My Sneakers on My Romantic Getaway!

I am wearing: Long Chiffon Dress, Comfortable Sneakers!

The moral of the story is whether you are on a quick business trip or on a romantic getaway with your spouse, wearing sneakers can enhance your mood. You may find yourself rushing through the airport to catch your flight, or running to a ferry in Greece and there is something fantastic about being in comfortable shoes. The good news is, with sneakers, you can keep your feet happy, minimize luggage weight and maintain your style!

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