7 ways to stay heathy this winter

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Hey Moms, it’s not just the kids that you need to worry about this cold and flu season. That’s right, don’t forget about you!   As the weather starts to get colder and germ season takes flight we wanted to post these 7 tips for staying healthy this winter.  These healthy tips are from alternaVites and Ilyse Schapiro, a registered Dietitian and member of the American Dietetic Association.

1.  Drink More Milk, Eat More Dairy: Milk and dairy products are full of protein, vitamins and minerals that help with immunity and healthy bones and muscles. Calcium also contains tryptophan which is a natural sleep aid and getting enough sleep during the winter is extremely important in trying to stay healthy!

2.  Eat soups and fill them with seasonal veggies – Besides grandma’s love, soups can be beneficial.  The heat/steam can help with stuffy noses, the protein (esp. in chicken soup) helps support immunity functions in the body and the water that soups are made with help to keep you hydrated.  Make sure to add lots of veggies to the soup (especially those that are rich in phytochemicals) and the heartier, the better.  Try veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, beans or any that are dark green, red and yellow as they are full of nutrients and antioxidants. These will also help boost immunity, energy and overall health and wellbeing which is key in trying to avoid catching a cold and/or the flu.

3.  Try to add chestnuts to your diet – whether as a snack or in salads or as a topping to yogurts, fruits, etc.   They are a great source of B vitamins as well as Vitamin C, potassium and manganese making them a  great addition during the winter.

4.  Take a multi every day – in the winter we tend to move less, and eat more and the best insurance policy to make sure our bodies are getting what they need is by taking a multi.  My favorite is alternaVites (www.alternaVites.com) since it has optimal levels of nutrients, especially vitamin D.  It’s important to supplement Vit D in the winter as we all tend to spend more time indoors since it is so important for immunity as well as its function in calcium absorption.  alternaVites is also extremely portable and versatile which means you are less likely to forget them which is half the battle with taking a daily multi!

5.  Always open your windows, at minimum once a day.  Germs love unventilated rooms, so by circulating with fresh air, you help to make the environment less like for viruses and germs to breed.

6.  Try to end showers with a burst of cold water (or as long as I can handle the cold).  The cold will not only remind your body to warm up, but it also helps with immunity, circulation, energy and overall health & well-being.  Also, try not to take such hot showers either as the hot water tends to age the skin more prematurely as well as dry it out which doesn’t look good in any season!

7.  Cut down on alcohol.  While we all wish a few glasses will help solve our winter blues, it actually can decrease your immune system.

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Disclosure:  This was a guest post given to us by alternaVites. We posted this because they were smart tips for Moms.  We added in the product links and pictures on our own because we think this is a great product, especially for the Holiday Travel season.

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