Ways To Celebrate National Brothers and Sisters Day

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There have been a lot of days to celebrate lately and I for one am all for it! Thanks to National Today, I heard about National Brothes and Sisters Day! Right now, we need all the positivity we can find and today is a day to be celebrated! If there is one things that’s forsure, it’s that siblings are the best! Today, we celebrate! Today is National Brother and Sisters Day. So, before you reqad any further, call your brother and sister and tell them you love them!

While we are safe at home as a family, I can’t help but think about how lucky my kids are to have one another. Right now, they are all they have! They have no choice but to be best friends, but that doesn’t mean that they are also sometimes enemies! That’s how siblings are! They love each other harder than ever and they hate each other harder than ever. I think about my relationship with my siblings growing up, and I cherish every memory that I have! My brother and I are exceptionally close, and today is the day to reminisce and celebrate! Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Brothers and Sisters day:

Be in touch on National Brothers and Sisters Day

First and foremost, make sure to reach out! The days go by so quickly, even in quarantine, so don’t forget to pick up the phone to say hi and remind them how much you love them. Posting on socials is a great way to tell everyone in your life just how much you grateful for them! Speaking of social media, how about making a funny TokTok video that you can share in honor of you siblings! If you aren’t on TikTok, get on it! If you are, make sure you are following SavvySassyMoms!!

Give them a gag gift

How about a fun sweet treat! We love the idea of filling mason jars with candy…things that are sour, sweet or evem spicy! Then choose a picture of each of your siblings from childhood and glue it onto the jar that reprsents them most…we all have a spicy or sometimes “sour” sibling, lol! Make you sibling laugh with this fun present on National Brothers and Sisters day!

Play a game

How about a game of Sibling Trivia!? This would be a fun game to play with your whole family on a zoom call and owuld give everyone a laugh! Get mom and dad involved by having them create some questions, or have each of your siblings create a few questions and the put them all together for a fun game! How hard could it be to come up with some funny old questions about your siblings. Invite their significant others their kids onto the call and give everyone a good laugh!

Send them a funny photo

Since we can’t be with our grown siblings today, create some funny pictures and text them to your siblings! We all need a good laugh right now, and this would do it!! Better yet, try our funny face flip book with pictures of you and your siblings! Give it a try!

However you celebrate. enjoy National Brothers and Sisters day!

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