10 Must-have child safety products

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Best Child Safety Products Savvy Sassy Moms
10 Best Child Safety Products

When it comes to your child, I’m sure their safety is constantly at the forefront of your mind. Luckily for us, there are products out on the market that can do everything from keeping track of where they are using GPS to a car seat that installs itself. If you’re a tech geek like me, then this list of 10 high-tech child safety products is for you.


1. Evenflo SensorSafe

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the headlines, another innocent child locked in a hot car, forgotten by a distracted parent. Evenflo has taken it upon themselves to find a way to make sure this doesn’t happen. They created the EvenFlo SensorSafe infant car seat, the very first car seat with an alarm. Upon arriving at your destination you car will chime, reminding you your baby is still in the vehicle. A sensor in the chest clip sends a wireless signal to a receiver in your dash. Bonus: it will also tell you if the chest clip comes unbuckled.

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2. AngelCare Video Movement & Sound Monitor

The AngelCare Video Movement & Sound Monitor is in a class all its own. AngelCare blended their award-winning, under-the-mattress movement monitor with a top-of-the-line video monitoring system to create a monitoring system with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. In my opinion, the cherry on top is that this monitor creates it’s own wi-fi network, meaning you don’t have to have wi-fi in your home to use it and to connect to it from your smart device.

3. iSwimband

The iSwimband is a wearable sensor that notifies your phone or tablet if the device has been submerged longer than a preset limit — or if it even enters the water (for your little non-swimmer.) It works in any type of body of water, is completely portable, works with both Android and iOS and can handle up to 8 iSwimbands per device — enough for your whole crew. This isn’t just a summer must-have, think winter by the lake, hot tub or anytime your children will be around a body of water. The iSwimband is an excellent extra level of security for water safety for an amazingly low price, just $39.99 for one.


4. BeLuvv Guardian

Did you know about 8,000,000 children go missing every year? That’s frightening and, in many cases, preventable. The BeLuvv Guardian is a wearable GPS-tracking system for your children that not only tracks your child’s whereabouts but will also send push notifications to your phone if your child goes out of a pre-designated perimeter. The Guardian is iOS and Android compatible, lightweight and water resistant. There is even a version for Fido!


5.Pacif-i Smart Pacifier

Coined as “The worlds smartest dummy,’ the Pacif-i is no ordinary pacifier. This smart binky tracks and records your baby’s temperature, syncing via Bluetooth to a free app on your iOS or Android device. If that’s not enough, it also will tell you if your bundle of joy has wandered off, can GPS track, is dishwasher safe (what!?!) and will buzz in order to help you locate it if — ok, when — it gets lost! That really is smart! The Pacif-i is available for preorder here in the states on their website.


6.Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor

If you’re interested in knowing everything about your baby then the Sproutling is for you. Created by two fathers, Sproutling is a wearable activity monitor for your baby. Think FitBit for infants but multiply that my a thousand and you might be close. The Sproutling senses your baby’s motion, skin temperature, position and sleep patterns. The Sproutling is so smart it will tell you how much time you have until your baby wakes up from their nap, when she’s actually awake and what kind of mood she’s in before you even walk into the room. (Do they make one for husbands?) Most importantly, Sproutling will notify you immediately the minute something is seriously wrong. Just think of the peace of mind that comes from this tiny device. It’s so popular that it’s currently sold out, but you can get yourself on the wait list via their website.



7. 4moms Origami GO and infant car seat

It’s absolutely impossible to talk high-tech baby gear and not have 4moms somewhere on the list. Known for some of the coolest items on the market right now, 4moms is at it again with two new products guaranteed to make you giddy. First we have the Origami Go, the umbrella version of their outstanding Origami stroller. Just like it’s big brother, the Origami GO folds and unfolds on it’s own power, has an onboard generator, daytime running lights, and a LCD display, but this one is under 16 pounds. Just wait until you see what 4moms has cooked up for the highly competitive world of infant car seats. The 4 moms infant car seat INSTALLS ITSELF. Just let that sink in for a second. It also has auto-tensioning and leveling, 2 LCD screens and a no-thread harness. Both products are currently awaiting a release date so keep your eyes open. Wow.


8. Brio Safe Outlet

Brio has given the electric wall socket a much needed makeover with the Brio Safe Outlet. Started as a Kickstarter campaign, Brio wanted to come up with an easy way to keep kids safe in their own homes. Statistics state up to 7 kids a day are taken to the hospital from shocks and burns from regular household electric outlets. The Safe Outlet completely eliminates any shock hazard, as it only brings electricity to the outlet if it senses a plug, then powers it accordingly. Fingers, toes, toys, are all safe, because the outlet would be turned “off” to those. And don’t think you need fancy know-how to install, the Brio Safe Outlet is installed like any other home outlet.

kinsa resize

9. Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

is one of the coolest all-around household thermometers I have ever laid my hands on. The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer works in just 1 second and syncs wirelessly to your iOS or Android-enabled smart phone. Within the free app you can create individual profiles, store and track temperature information and medications. The app will even give you advice or tell you to seek medical attention immediately. The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is currently doing an Indiegogo campaign, so if you’re quick you can get one right now for up to 40% off the MSRP.


10. Yada Digital Tiny Traveler

The Digital Tiny Traveler by Yada is a video monitoring system for your car created in order to cut down on parental distractions in a time when distracted drivers are one of the main causes of car accidents on the road. Installing in just seconds, the camera has 3 mounting options for rear or forward facing babies, and the 3.5″ video monitor mounts to your dash just as your average GPS system would. This camera even comes equipped with night vision, so from road trip to quick trip, you will always know what your baby is up to.

Which of these high-tech baby items are you dying to try?

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