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As a family, there is nothing we love more than hopping on our bikes and exploring. We take our bikes everywhere. We explore local restaurants, go to our neighborhood pools, and even take them on vacation with us. It’s a great way to get exercise and expose the kids to new experiences, even our tiniest of tots. We’ve always brought the kids along to enjoy the ride. Our family has tried numerous attachments to incorporate our little ones into our biking adventures. Our latest find is the iBert Safe-T Bike Seat.

A review of the iBert Safe-T Bike Seat.

About the iBert Safe-T Seat

After extensive research, and a ton of hands on experience, the parent powerhouse behind the iBert wanted to create a bike seat that let both the parent and the child enjoy the ride in the safest way possible. Thus, the iBert Safe-T seat was born.

The iBert Safe-T seat is a front-mounted safety bike seat specifically designed for children ages 1 to 4. It comfortably seats a child up to 38 pounds and 42 inches tall.


It comes available in three fun colors — green, red, and pink. At only 3 pounds, the weight ensures the center of balance on your bike is minimally affected.

Front-mounted Fun

Part of the fun of riding a bike is getting to see all the sights around you. The forward position of a front-mounted seat means that both the parent and the child can see what is in front of them. The child gets to experience the thrill of the ride in a whole new way. You can give them a whole new view (even if your backside is quite enjoyable from all that biking). You can pass snacks and drinks with ease (hallelujah!). Most importantly, you can interact with them along the way – talk, sing, share with them what they are experiencing in real time.


Easy to mount and install

The iBert Safe-T Bike seat works on most bikes (road, mountain and commuter) and only needs 3/4″ of the steering tube to be installed. We tested this on our mountain bikes and mine was too short, but my husband’s bike had just enough room.


The install was quick and easy. A “T-Bar” attaches the seat to the steering tube. The seat easily slides into place and secures with a pin. The only tool required is an allen wrench, and within just a few minutes you are secure and ready to ride.

Kid tested, kid approved

We gave the iBert Safe-T Seat a good test run both on an off road, and haven’t heard one complaint from our toddlers about being uncomfortable. Their legs are stretched out and relaxed while being protected in the leg slots, and the high back seat allows for comfortable seating during longer rides. The little steering wheel on the safety bar provides a great place for hands and provides for a little entertainment and have some “control” during the ride.



Our biggest question about the iBert Safe-T seat was how safe did we feel riding with it on the front? We were nervous about tip overs. We gave the iBert seat a test run and realized our center of gravity was thrown off less than we expected. The seat is made out of hard plastic and is extremely durable. The design of the seat allows for maximum protection in the event something were to happen.


The child is secure with both a shoulder harness strap as well as a lap safety bar that is easy to lock into place. The shoulder harness felt slightly loose on our 18 month old, and a few times the straps would fall down. After a quick adjustment we were able to get them to fit more snugly. We popped our long and lanky 3 1/2 year old into the seat to see how she would fit, and the straps were snug. This was our only con in regards to the seat. Especially if you have a little one who tends to fall asleep while they ride.


Final thoughts

Overall, we loved the iBert. The ability to tend to our child’s needs with out taking your eyes off the road is a major convenience. The easy installation makes this a go-to over our bulky trailer. Not to mention, it is an absolute blast as a parent being able to experience riding with your child up front. The ability to share the experience of the ride with them as we go — priceless!


What is your favorite way to bike with your kids?


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