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The May issue of ShopSmart Magazine by Consumer Reports has a great article about Makeup Removing Secrets. I’m sure you have been in the situation where you cannot figure out how to get out a stain from makeup, so I’m happy to share some of their tips.

Common Makeup Stains:

  • Deodorant – I know we have all had that white chalky marks from deodorant on our clothing, and get so frustrated when we see them there on our shirts/dresses. Of course it seems to be the worse when wearing black.
To remove those unsightly white streaks from your little black dress or other clothing before they set in, you can buy special texturized sponges made just for the job. Or grab that pair of ripped panty hose you were going to toss and use it to rub away the marks.

Another trick is to take the bottom of the shirt and rub at the deodorant. The friction itself removes the deodorant mark just like ShopSmart suggests.

  • Preventing a Makeup Stain — ShopSmart suggests putting a polyester scarf over your head before pulling the shirt over your head. It amazes me how simple this is, and I never thought of it. This will prevent both makeup and hairspray from staining your clothing.
  • Removing Foundation — When I was just starting to wear lipstick my mom taught me that I should purse my lips once lipstick was on, and I needed to pull something over my head. Unfortunately, there was no wisdom about getting foundation off of my shirt. ShopSmart has a great tip to take alcohol and dab the stain from the inside out. Keep going and you’re well on your way to removing that foundation stain

Now I have to admit that this tip for removing lipstick is my favorite of the tips I got to preview:

Photo: Mac Cosmetics

To remove lipstick from a white collar, sprinkle baby powder on it to absorb the oils, then cover it with a clean cloth and run a warm, dry iron over it. It will come right up like the melted wax off a tablecloth. A dusting of baby powder helps lift oily gunk from faux fur, too. Sprinkle the area, put the garment in a cool dryer, and the stain will fluff off.

After reading just some of these tips from the May issue of ShopSmart Magazine I am definitely hitting that newsstand for a copy to read to get the rest of the makeup removing tips. Don’t let a makeup stain ruin your day, and get a copy for yourself.

Do you have a great makeup removing tip? If so, PLEASE share with us.

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