7 Tips for Growing Healthy Hair

7 Tips for growing healthy hair

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I have had short hair most of my life, but a little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to grow my hair out. Now, a year later, my hair is the longest that it has ever been in my life. It’s not super long, but it’s long for me. Today, I wanted to share some of my tips for growing long healthy hair with you. There is no magic pill or remedy that makes your hair grow fast — sorry, ladies! — but there are things you can do to keep your hair healthy to encourage it to grow.

7 Tips for Growing Long & Healthy Hair

7 Tips for growing healthy hair

1. Be patient

The key to growing your hair out is patience. It’s not going to happen overnight or in a week or in a month. Like I said previously, it’s taken a good year for mine to grow a significant amount. My hair does not grow fast at, all hence the reason I have always had shorter hair.

2. Ease up on the washings

Do not wash your hair every day. At the beginning, this was really hard for me. I am typically the girl who has to wash my hair every day, because if I didn’t it was a hot greasy mess. I have learned that you hair will get used to not washing every day. Every time you wash your hair you strip your scalp of oils so it sends a signal to your brain that you need to produce more oil. So the less you wash, the less your hair produces oil. I try and go at least 2-3 days in between washes. Now, on day two, my hair is just fine as before it was a greasy mess.The Best Dry Shampoos for Keeping Dirty Hair Under Control

Dry shampoo will become your best friend, but beware that not all dry shampoos are the same. For me, it took trying out a lot to find one that worked best for my hair. I am currently using Rochaholic by Bed Head (Amazon, $14). Mine is in a pink bottle, as pictured below, but it usually is in a black bottle with a green lid. This is a more expensive one, but the cheaper ones tend to dry my scalp out and make my head itch like crazy! My friends rave about Batiste Dry Shampoo (Amazon, $10), so if you’re on a budget give that one a try.

Secrets to Healthy Hair: Hair La Vie Revive Deep Hydration Masque

3. Find a deep conditioning hair mask

On one of the days I wash my hair, I like to use a deep conditioning hair mask and let it set on my hair for a good 10-15 minutes. When I apply the product to my hair, I focus more on the ends to make sure they get super hydrated. I am currently loving the Hair La Vie Revive Deep Hydration Mask ($35 for a 30-day supply). It smells amazing and really hydrates my hair, even living in the desert where I need extra hydration for my hair and skin due to the dry conditions. I love that it’s all natural, full of 11 different vitamins, essential oils and nutrients and that it has Keratin protein to help rebuild any damaged hair as it grows.

4. Book those hair appointments

It seems counter intuitive to cut your hair in order to make it grow, but it’s true! Just ask your stylist! Keeping dead ends away and getting a trim on a regular schedule will not only help keep your hair looking healthy, but it will help it grow, too.

5. Ditch the blow dryer

Limit the amount of heat you apply to your hair to help it grow healthy and strong. I used to be the type to blow dry my hair everyday or every time I washed it, but as much as you’re addicted to your blow dryer, the heat can be really damaging to you hair. If you do use heat on a daily basis, make sure and use a heat protecting product on your hair first..

6. Go natural

I found that the less I colored my hair, the better it grew. I don’t know if that is the case for everyone, but I have seen a difference. I have only colored my hair once in the last year as I’ve been growing it out and I think it made a positive difference.

7 Tips for Healthy Hair: Hair La Vie Supplements

7. Get strong with supplements

Lastly, you can give your hair an extra boost if you take hair supplements such as Hair La Vie ($39 for a 30-day supply). These have 5000 mcg of biotin in them, which people swear will help your make your hair grow. Plus, they are free of snythetic fillers, buffers and addictives with 20 all-natural ingredients, so you can feel confident that they’re safe. After taking them for 30-days, didn’t necessarily think that my hair grew any faster (hard to tell after just one month!), but I do think they helped keep my hair (and nails!) healthier and stronger, which makes a difference for me.

7 Tips for Growing Healthy Hair: Before & After

Please excuse my car selfie, but I had to go back on my Instagram account and find a picture! These two pictures were taken 56-weeks apart. Look at how much just my bangs grew! 

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