Aveeno Products Have My Heart

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Aveeno has long time been a staple in my beauty regimen. Now that they’ve added a hair care line to their wonderful selection of products I had to share the great Aveeno products that make everyday a little bit easier.

Beginning with my long time love: Aveeno’s daily moisturizers with SPF 30. It began so many years ago, when I began with Positively Radiant. I had been looking for a moisturizer that fit my 3 essential criteria:  1) SPF 15 or higher (higher being optimal)2) soaks into my skin quickly without leaving a sticky feeling, and 3) doesn’t cause breakouts

Aveeno Products Have My Heart

I quickly fell in love. My skin was super soft, my white skin was protected in the sun, and I had no breakouts. I’ve recommended this face moisturizer to so many people over the years, and have them all come back raving about how fantastic the moisturizer actually is.
Then age came knocking on the door, and I had to start worrying about aging skin. I switched to the Positively Ageless daily moisturizer.  There was no difference in switching to the new formula when it came to my 3 essential criteria. I keep trying different moisturizers, and I’ve liked many of them, but when I run out I go back to my Aveeno Positively Ageless.

Aveeno Products Have My Heart

Once my kids were old enough to squirm away from me when I tried to slather on sunblock I had to find an alternative. One day while shopping the endless selection of sunblocks I came upon the Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock  spray with SPF 70, and had a thought that maybe I could spray them while they run away from me. I never thought they would actually let me spray them, but you wouldn’t believe it, but after 3 attempts, they stood still to be sprayed.

The best was one day my sons and I were about to walk out the door so I could take them to camp, and my oldest says, “wait you didn’t spray us.” I believe my heart skipped a beat that day. The thing is that over the years we’ve tried many different versions of a spray sunblock, but nothing compares to the Aveeno version.

Aveeno Products have my heart

Now Aveeno has come out with a whole new hair care line, and since I am an Aveeno lover, I wanted to try it out. Since color care is top priority in hair care products for me, I tried LIVING COLOR Color Preserving shampoo and conditioner for medium-thick hair. I may dye my own hair, but I want to be sure to take care of it too.

I was pleased with the way Aveeno’s color protecting shampoo and conditioner is good for what can be dry hair due to coloring. After blowdrying my hair I loved that my hair was super soft, and wasn’t frizzy. Since it can take quite a bit of time to blow dry my hair, it can make my hair dry and have flyaways, which was not the case.

With every Aveeno product I try I have found that this brand will quickly be replacing every beauty routine product.

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  1. Love this. A friend recently turned me onto the Positively Radiant moisturizer and it’s great but I think I am going to face the facts and move onto Positively Ageless soon enough 😉

    Have you ever used their oatmeal bath stuff for the kids? My baby has eczema and wondering if it’s good.

  2. Until you asked I totally forgot that we exclusively used Aveeno baby products for all 3 kids because of eczema, and other wonderful allergies. Should have put that in the post 😉 I absolutely recommend the baby stuff, any and all are fantastic.

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