TIMES Square with Kids: The good, the bad and the ugly

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This is part three of a five post series about Taking the Kids to New York City

We have already discovered Bryant Park, checked out the Museum of Modern Art and made it to the Statue of Liberty.  So the next thing on our New York City to-do llist was to see the lights in TIMES Square, which is walking distance from the Residence Inn Times Square which made it very convenient.  We ventured into TIMES Square twice on our trip.  The first time was to just see it for all its glory and the second time was to see a Broadway show.

Now, before taking the kids to Time Square I have to warn you about a few things….

We went to Time Square on a Sunday night in August.

Tip #1 Don’t go to Time Square on a weekend in the summer.  It’s beyond crowded and sticky.  It’s kind of like being in a sauna with a million people 😉

But there was no turning back, so we began snapping pictures like the tourists we were. As we walked down the street we saw all the typical movie and cartoon characters dressed up – much like we see here in California on Hollywood Blvd.   So this was nothing new to my kids.  However, we did stop so Hudson could take a picture with a sad looking Spongebob Squarepants.

Then we came upon a statue-like Statue of Liberty, which was one of those people painted in full on body paint not moving a muscle.  These people kind of creep me out.

But wait, there was another Statue of Liberty….but this one was either a she or a he in a bulging green bikini.  Yup.  She/He also had make-up smeared across his face and he was swaying back and forth trying to either sing or say something.  Maybe he was trying to sing the National Anthem, but whatever it was I could not understand a single thing he was saying.

I immediately tried to steer my kids in a different direction but it was too late.  They both had already seen this belligerent man in his bulging  green bikini.  McKenna turns to me with a disgusted look on her face and says “What was that?”  and I said “I’m not really sure, but just keep walking.”  I am sure this will be the one thing that the kids remember from their first trip to New York city and be laughed about for years to come.

Warning:  Be aware of the trans-gender drunk Statue of Liberty and other questionable characters in Time Square.

The next time we were in TIMES Square we saw the infamous Naked Cowboy singing and playing his guitar.  I asked if my kids wanted to take a picture with him, but they opted out of that one. (dang it)

I heard tale of the ferris wheel inside the Toys R Us Time Square so we made our way over there.  We needed to get out of the heat and cool off anyways.  I liked the gigantic ferris wheel and I was rather excited about it.  But my kids didn’t want to go on it and the line was so long that I wasn’t going to be that Mom that made them do it just for the photo opp.

Tip #2 Skip the M & M and Hershey Store.  Nothing to see there.  I mean I love chocolate too but, this is not why you came to New York City.

Broadway:  Yes, see a show! 

A friend hooked us up with Spiderman tickets!   Spiderman on Broadway was a great show for the entire family, everyone was entertained and the music was great!  A few friends thought that my five year old son might be too young for the show, but we went anyways.   I just went in knowing that one of us may have to leave if he gets scared.  There were two times my son did grab my arm real tight and close his eyes or cover his ears, but for the most part he loved the action packed show.  Spiderman soars through the audience and gets really close, the kids loved it.  I recommend this show to kids 6+

Pedi-Cabs:  This was the BEST thing we did in Time Square – but it’ll cost small fortune.

The entire time we were in New York all my son wanted to do was to ride in a pedi-cab.  We kept putting it off and putting it off.  Finally, we told him after we saw Spiderman we would try to catch one back to the hotel.  We spotted two pedi-cabs right outside the theatre and jumped in.   (Legally the pedicabs can only take two people in each cab.)

The kids were so excited!  I was excited for them, I even told the driver to stop for ice cream somewhere!

The expression and pure happiness on their little faces as we raced down the middle of Time Square filled me up was incredible!  I don’t think I have seen them both so happy at the same time.  Our pedi-cab drivers were racing each other and the kids would reach out to grab each others hands.  Yellow cabs surrounded us, the city lights were glowing and our kids were having the time of their lives!

A kids dream:  Eating ice cream in a pedi-cab in TIMES Square.

Once we got back to the hotel my husband started to pay and I saw the expression on his face while forking over what seemed to be a large amount of cash. I walked away and later asked him how much was it?  He said “You don’t want to know”.  So up until today I still had no idea how much we payed for that little adventure.

Riding in a pedi-cab through Time Square + Seeing the joy on my kids faces = Priceless

Warning:  Ask the pedi-cab how much before you get in!  Try to negotiate.
You pay by the block and per person.  Our little trip costed us $200. 🙂  But I still think it was worth every penny.

Disclosure:  This is a post in a sponsored  travel series.  I am a Residence Inn Mom.  All my thoughts and opinions are my very own.

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  1. The line goes quickly for the ferris wheel. At least Times Square has a pedestrian street, which it didn’t used to when I lived there. My 8 yr old was born in Manhattan and we moved to France when she was 9 months, which is where my sons were born. But we still go back to NY every time we’re in the States because we have lots of friends there.

    Next time, make sure to see Battery Park City, Robert Wagner Park. It is the hidden treasure of Manhattan. 🙂

  2. this blog you wrote on times square is priceless!!!! I laughed so much especially about the sad sponge bob!!!!!!(he was sad)

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