How to throw a rustic fall baby shower

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Plan an adorable Rustic Baby Shower

Gather friends and family together to celebrate that special mama-to-be with a rustic fall baby shower!  This is the perfect cozy and charming way to spoil a pregnant friend and her new baby. We’ve found the most adorable ways to incorporate fall into a chic baby shower.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations

Start with a perfect baby shower invitation

A rustic baby shower fits perfectly into the color scheme created with colored leaves and cooler weather. Start with a complete invitation package that works with your theme, like these Rustic Baby Shower Invitations ($15.00). Invitations can also be purchased as a digital download if you are interested in crafting them yourself. With a metallic envelope, rustic details, and separate registry tag, this invitation contains everything you’ll need.

Rustic Baby Shower
Paper Pin Wheel Garland $18.00
Rustic Baby Shower Banner $36.00
Rustic Burlap Banner $20.00
Rustic Painted Mason Jars $24.00
Wishing Tree Tags $14.99
Rustic Chic Diaper Cake $70.00
Rustic Baby Shower Invitation $15.00

Want to add an extra gift to your registry purchase? We’ve compiled 10 Unique baby shower gifts any new mom will love.


Decorate your table with a rustic tablecloth

Whether you’re hosting the shower at your home or an outside location, adding table linens can really reinforce the theme of your fall baby shower. A Burlap Tablecloth has the rustic look of burlap with a softer feel — and the ability to machine wash the linens when you’re finished (Burlap-Tablecloth, $).

eco friendly tableware
Use eco-friendly tableware for a sweet table setting

If you’re throwing the shower at a hall, hotel, or restaurant, tableware will likely be provided. However, if you’re having a fall baby shower at your home, there’s nothing like seeking out eco-friendly tableware to help make your table adorable and your clean-up a little easier. We adore Susty Party products for several reasons.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Susty Party creates disposable tableware that is compostable yet colorful, highly-functional, party-ready, and responsibly made in partnership with non-profit factories who employ and empower the visually impaired community. All Susty Party products – our plates, bowls, cups, straws, cutlery, tablecloths, and napkins – are made from renewable or sustainably harvested materials, and made in North America!

fall baby shower
Match your games to your rustic shower theme

Finding an easy baby shower game that doesn’t annoy guests and helps the mom-to-be is simple with the Apple of My Eye baby shower. Simple buy a Half-bushel basket or two (Bin-Store, $6). Fill the bushel basket with diapers — we love Pampers Swaddlers diapers — and have each guest guess how many diapers are in the basket (P&G eStore, $28). The guest closest to the winning amount gets a prize, and the pregnant mama leaves with extra diapers.

If you’re looking for additional shower games, we have 5 Baby shower games that won’t make you cringe.

When you throw a shower, do you prefer to stick with a theme or to mix and match as you go?

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