The best kids books this holiday season

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If there is one gift that you can never go wrong with, it’s a book! Everyone loves to get a new book and a story is a gift that keeps on giving! In addition to books, book accessories are amazing for kids and ads extra fun to their reading time! Along with some book accessories, these are some of the best kids books this holiday season.

Reading Accessories to make any child smile

Does your child have a reading timer? In our house, I try to encourage to kids to read for at least 20 minutes everyday. While it sounds like a simple thing to do, it can be challenging to do remember to and do and to keep track of! A reading timer is a great way for kids to remain accountable and to take their reading time into their own hands. I also really like this bookmark timer that has a dual purpose and won’t get lost!

As children learn to read longer books, it can be a challenge to keep track of where they are on the page. I love the finger highlighter that your child uses to follow along on the page. The highlighter keeps their eyes on the right line and helps them maintain fluency when reading!

A book sleeve is a fun way to keep the book of the day in a special place. Then, when they want to bring it in the car or move it around, it will stay safe in their book bag! It’s a great addition to any holiday gift!

My son has been asking for an Amazon kindle for the holidays. I have been pushing it for a while because I want to make sure that he is going to read everyday on it, but this is definitely on the wish list!

The Best Kids Books for the Holidays

Anti racist baby is a 9×9 picture book that empowers parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves, now with added discussion prompts to help readers recognize and reflect on bias in their daily lives. This is a great book to open up a dialogue with your children.

The Merry Christmas Mittens Holly wakes up on the morning of Christmas Eve, excited for what her day will bring! While she laces up her skates by the pond, mischievous Jack Frost blows a wintry wind that sweeps Holly’s red, green, and white mittens away from her, and across the town. Holly’s mittens see a great deal through the day–from sledding, to caroling, to decorating gingerbread houses, to Santa himself, the Christmas mittens get a glimpse of how people and families all across the town celebrate Christmas and spread cheer to those they meet. See everything Holly’s mittens see and learn something about the true meaning of Christmas in The Merry Christmas Mittens!

Little James’ Big Adventure: The Globe. In this special Christmas edition of Little James’ Big Adventures, we learn how Little James comes to possess his magic snow globe. At first, James is unaware of the globes’ magic and discovers its power by accident! He and his sister Susie are transported by the globe to the North Pole where they take a tour through Santas’ workshop and learn factual and fun information about the Arctic.

I believe I Can is an affirmation for boys and girls of every background to love and believe in themselves.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World is the third book in the New York Times bestselling series for children. Packed with 100 all-new bedtime stories about the lives of incredible female figures from the past and the present, this volume recognizes women who left their birth countries for a multitude of reasons: some for new opportunities, some out of necessity.

I love Us: A Book About Family Families can be big, small, silly, adventurous, loud, or messy, but they all have love in common. I Love Us! is all about the little ways families show they care: breakfasts made, play times shared, hurts soothed, and good times celebrated. This special book makes a wonderful gift for children and the people who love them on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—every day!

Because I’m Your Mom is a beautiful story of a mamma bear and her two cubs and all of the small moments of childhood too precious to forget. Because a mother is a part of all of the big and small moments of her cubs’ life. This story takes you through all of the things that the mama bear does for her cub. And she will always love them, because she’s their mom. This is a book every mom can relate to.

Tom Woof & Max The Owl is the tale of a young puppy who loves to write, who comes to live on a farm full of animals who don’t get along. Tom wants to share his stories, but he ends up writing them wherever he happens to be when he thinks of them, and this makes him very unpopular with the animals who don’t understand him. Fortunately, the wise owl who lives on the farm Max The Owl does understand, and he teaches Tom not only how to write his ideas down in a way that can be enjoyed, but he also shows him how to bring the animals together through their shared love of stories.

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