Evereden lifting and firming lotion is the answer to your tired skin

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Listen, as moms, we are tired. Like really tired. So is our skin! Our skin goes through a lot…all the growing and stretching and then it has to bounce back. When you add in aging, it feels like our skin has no chance, but it does! Everden lifting and firming lotion is the answer to your tired skin!

Lotion for Postpartum bodies

After I had my first child and was nursing, I was very concerned about what I put on my body as I was worried about the absorption. Since then, the market has completely changed and there are good options to choose from. Evereden is a fragrance free, plant-based, non-toxic lotion that is safe to you both during and after pregnancy. All of their products are safe to you and they have a line for babies too!

Lifting and firming lotion

Tightening your tired skin

If you ask me, I am always game when I her that there is a product that will lift and firm. Those words are like music to my ears! The fact that it is a natural firming lotion is a huge bonus and really important when it comes to the choices I make for skincare. This is an amazing holiday gift for any mom!

As I get older, I am well aware that my body and my skin is changing, so using an anti-aging product is essential. As I used this lotion, I loved the benefits that I saw:

Benefits of a natural firming lotion

I am noticing that the skin is getting firmer and more toned as I continue to use the lotion.

My postpartum scars that have been around for a long time are less visible.

My skin will well moisturized and hydrated. My skin is always so dry, so this is so important for me!

Additionally, I love the texture of this lotion. It is very light weight and has no scent.

Lotions for mom and baby

This line of lotions are created for mom and baby. I am in love with the packaging in addition to the ingredients and the philosophy behind the brand. I wish that this brand was around for my babies when they were born! Visit www.ever-eden.com to discover more about their non-toxic, plant-based skincare for both mom and baby.


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