Keep the Christmas Magic Alive: Believe in Santa!

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Do your children still believe in Santa? The magic of Santa Claus is such a special time for children. Seeing their eyes sparkle as you talk about the reindeer and that big sack of toys coming down the chimney. Once children get into school their magic can quickly fade as classmates may reveal the truth of Santa. We have the perfect plan to keep the magic of Santa alive and your child believing in Santa- with a package directly from Santa!

This holiday I am so thrilled that I discovered Package from Santa. This incredible service puts together the ultimate box sent directly to your child from the big guy at the North Pole. My oldest daughter is 6 years old and you should have seen her eyes light up when I showed her the box and she spied Santa as the sender. As she is getting older, she is starting to ask more questions about Santa. The main concern is how he accomplishes the big task of making it around the whole world in just one evening. There is no doubt, that after this package she will believe in Santa.

Something from Everyone at the North Pole

Package from Santa has curated a box filled with some amazing items from the North Pole.  A special marshmallow cake pop made by the elves, a sugar cookie straight from Mrs. Claus’ oven, reindeer food for the big night, magic north pole snow, a genuine sleigh bell from Rudolph himself, and a knitted reindeer hat are some items inside. Additionally, you can personalize a letter to your child from Santa. My daughter’s mentions her hometown, her favorite food and one of her good friends. She is so shocked that Santa knows so many details. There is also a Nice List certificate with her name on it. Some of the items also have her photo. The Santa’s Flight Plan blew her mind with her photo, and a star on the state of Virginia where she lives. One of her favorites was the letter from Rudolph.

Not Just for the Kids!

I also love the letter addressed to me! This contained to/from Santa stickers for the presents and a best decorated tree award. One of my favorites is the piece of Santa’s coat to leave out on Christmas. It will look  like it ripped as he made his quick escape up the chimney.  Also included is a Santa’s Sleigh Operator’s License for me to leave, as if he dropped it. I love that they set me up for success on the big night. After wrapping gifts for three kids, I need something to be easy!

Thats Not All

In addition to everything I previously mentioned, your child will also get a personalized phone call from Santa himself, ad well as receive a video that includes their picture! Such cool touches to keep the magic alive. So what are you waiting for? Head to Package with Santa to get your child a personalized package from Santa. There is no better way to keep the kids believing in Santa Claus this year.

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  1. When my son met Santa when he was 4 years old and screamed with joy. His eyes lite up and he was so happy. That just melted my heart.

  2. Visiting the Santa at Macy’s, we went through a whole Winter wonderland and met elves. It was so magical!

  3. Hmmmm….I would have to say every Christmas since I had children. Always magical to see their eyes light up on Christmas morning! All about tradition.

  4. I love the first time my little liked Santa. She crawled right up next to him and asked if they could read a book together.

  5. My grandfather LIVED to play Santa. All year he’d go to flea markets and buy gifts, he had a whole room in his house devoted to it. Then he’d put bells on his van, dress up and take the gifts to the local children’s hospital. He was the best Santa ever.

  6. My favorite Santa memory was when my little sister was about 2 and my grandpa dressed up as Santa and she thought he was real!

  7. My favorite was dressing up as Santa and making sure my 3 year old seen me leaving gifts so he could meat Santa .

  8. When I was a kid we used to go to NASA and watch Santa come down in a helicopter.

  9. My favorite Santa memory is baking cookies for Santa with my mom and grandma.

  10. My parents always told me that they were “Santa”, because my mom felt so betrayed by her parents when she found out. BUT when I was six years old, I SWEAR that I heard Santa’s sleigh bells and that he had come to my house despite what they said. I was so excited. I remember that three decades later.

  11. I cherish each memory of seeing my daughter so happy each year that she gets to see Santa.

  12. My favorite memory is leaving food outside for the reindeer!

  13. When my 4th child was 3 she was obsessed with Santa, so we went to the mall that year to see Santa and get a picture. She was saying hoho and was s excited in line but when it was her turn she saw him and ran away from him. He had to bribe her with candy to get near and the picture we have has tears in her eyes. My older kids will never let her live this down.

  14. My daughter and i seeing Santa on top of the firetruck every year handing out candy canes

  15. my favorite Santa memory was the last big huge 70(now more) people family party, my cousin dressed up as Santa and gave all the kids presents. My aunt and uncle moved so we no longer have the big house to have the Christmas parties but that was amazing

  16. I remember the first time my daughter sat on Santa’s lap. She was completely mesmerized by him.

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