The best convertible skirt for travel

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Clothing items serving many purposes are great for travel. If you can pack one item instead of two, you will have less weight in your bag. Then you won’t have to worry about all the things you want to purchase and bring home at the end of your trip! On our recent trip to Nashville, we both decided to bring the same skirt (you can read our post on how we like to purchase the same things here). Cabi’s Flirt Skirt is the single best piece we put in our bags. This convertible skirt travels well and has endless possibilities when creating several different looks.

One skirt 3 ways

Of course, we talked about how many ways we can both use this skirt before we left for our trip so we both put it in our bags. This skirt can transform into multiple styles by changing its purpose.

2 skirts, 1 outfit

1 skirt, 3 looks

Since this skirt has ruching around the top, it is strong enough to stay up as a top and is really easy to wear. By using one piece as a top and tucking it in to a second piece as a bottom, you have an instant summery strapless dress.  We suggest tucking the top into the skirt for a polished look.

2 skirts, 2 different looks

the convertible cabi skirt you need for travel

Even though, we both love the same pieces, we don’t always have the same style. Jenna wore this Cabi skirt as a top with white denim which gave her an instant summery casual look. Lisa wore it as a coordinate with a casual suit.


With a ruched easy skirt, the options are endless! The flowy nature of the skirt makes the skirt a-line which is great for most body types. If you wear it as a top, you can tuck it in for a dressy look or leave it untucked for a more casual vibe on a hot summer day.

If you plan on traveling, here are similiar skirts that can be used in multiple ways; multicolored ruched skirt, neutral light skirt, dot printed blue skirt, geoprint skirt.

Fabric that is light weight and takes up little space in your luggage is perfect for holiday travels. Stick with patterns that are easy to pair with all of your basics.

Do you have a go to piece that you love wearing multiple ways?

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