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Both the “stay at home” and “office” moms need fashionable, easy-to-wear clothing. We want it to work for a variety of functions and to be mixed and matched quickly for our busy daily lives.

Cabi clothing for moms
Do you ever lay out your outfits for the next day? If you could see our text threads, you would know Jenna and I have very similar senses of style. Often we will coordinate what we are wearing to our next Savvy Sassy meeting to ensure we’re not wearing the same outfit. I’m not kidding! Occasionally, we have to talk one another out of wearing the same thing.

Sometimes when we choose outfits online, we have to order two of everything. We love the items in each other’s carts so much.

Coordinating outfits made easy

Cabi clothing cabi outfit we have to havecabi clothing for busy moms img_3811

Have you heard about Cabi Clothing? We have, but have never purchased anything from their website or stylists, or been to one of their parties until now. When we received an invitation to the first instalment of Cabi Conversations in our inbox, the first thing we did was look at what their stylists were showing on their website for inspiration. Cabi’s unique approach to fashion made it easy for us to look outside the box, and the normal constraints of our existing wardrobes. Selecting pieces were easy to coordinate into outfits and to suit our our everyday lives.

It’s the details that count

cabi details are incredible

cabi clothing for mom life

Details make all of the difference. Cabi has added versatility to their pieces for example, this Grand Slam Blazer features a removable cuff. By adding a removable knit cuff, it changes the blazers functionality. Basic pieces like a blazer or white pants can transition to day or night with ease.

So what’s the hype?
cabi conversations dsc05168 cabi conversations

At the Cabi Conversations dinner, we were able to witness firsthand how passionate the Cabi team really is. We saw how the company works towards building relationships with consumers. In turn, Cabi empowers their customers with their selection of super chic clothes for women of any age. In connection to Cabi’s goal of empowering women, Cabi promotes a culture of generosity by giving back to women in the community.

The Cabi team is truly invested in their work. They really know their stuff, and are looking to match a woman’s personality with their perfect wardrobe in an honest way. Cabi is a traditional company that approaches shopping in a non-traditional way.

By hosting clothing parties in the home rather than shopping at a store, women experience boutique-like shopping with all the comfort of staying at home. Women can then visualize outfits and have an experiential approach to fashion. All of this, makes shopping more personal, with honest stylists that understand your wardrobe, style and body type, not to mention the pieces you have already purchased to help you mix and match.

Mom-life to work-life

cabi pants we love

cabi pants you must have

Some of our favorite pieces from Cabi’s spring collection are the items that easily transition from “mom” life to “work” life, like cool t-shirts and gorgeous dresses. The black pants are staples for us! We wore them to the Cabi Conversations evening, and we kept wearing them. Both of us have chosen them for family and friend activities, proving their versatility. Jenna is seen ready for heavy duty mom-life/work-life. And as you can see in the picture above, we are wearing the same Cabi pants and have not taken them off (LOL).

There are few stores that I can shop in with my daughter and Jenna loves to shop with her mom, the Cabi collection has pieces that all four of us love. Not only can we shop in home with our friends, but we can shop with our family as well knowing that we will all find something we love (and will definitely share)! If you haven’t shopped with a Cabi stylist, find one in your area and head to a party!

What item do you and your BFF end up matching?

This post contains items gifted for consideration. All opinions are our own.

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