How to wear Mules with every outfit

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After a spur of the moment shopping spree, I came home with a brand new pair of mules. Now that I have bought mules, I have to figure out how to wear them. Mules have the comfort of the running shoe and are easy to throw on!  Whether you like this trend or not, you argue that mules are both functional and comfortable.

Busy moms will love this trend, because for the mom-on-the-go, timing is everything. We squeeze every minute of every day to the maximum. We time our outings to the second, and mules are simple to wear, increasing our timing and functionality. You’ll love the different ways we styled mules to wear during your weekly activities.


Wear mules to lunch

Mules are a perfect shoe to go for a lunch with friends. They are comfortable enough if you park your car far from your destination, yet they look trendy and are easy to wear. These are not drop-me-off at the door shoes! You may even want to suggest a walk after the lunch to spend a little extra time with your friends.

Cut out t-shirt

Faux leather leggings

Mules are worthy of date night

If the baby sitter is booked, but you’re not sure where you are headed — or didn’t have time to book a reservation — walking may be ahead of you. Add mules to your simple dress, and you won’t mind walking while you search for that perfect destination.

Slip dress

Silver mules

Mules are comfy enough to wear at work

Wearing heals at work may not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you want to look overly casual. Mules have a covered toe, making them look professional, but your feet will thank you for your choice. You can spend an entire day on your feet in these comfortable shoes.

Over the shoulder top


Black mules

Rushing to a playdate

Getting organized to get to a playdate can be hectic! When you’re packing up the kids’ things, figuring out what to wear often gets left to the last minute. A simple t-shirt dress goes with everything and can be worn almost everywhere. Sliding on a nude mule finishes the ensemble perfectly, and out the door you go.

T-shirt dress

Nude mules

Wear mules on your everyday errands

When running errands, we always try to make the most of our time. Sliding on your shoe as you rush out the door can increase your timing when doing daily errands.

Cold-shoulder sweatshirt

Distressed jeans

How will you wear your mules into the spring and summer seasons?

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