Celebrate Kindness, Be Kind #kind #books

The Best Books To Teach Kids To Be Kind

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Over the years, I have spent many hours with my family discussing the inspiring results of being kind. During family dinners, we always talk about different scenarios that happened over the course of the day. When we would come across a challenging situation, our theme was, don’t get caught in the “circle of mean.” My children understood that to represent, if you are in the presence of an unpleasant situation, break the chain, don’t get caught up in it. It is very easy to respond negatively to someone in defense. It is harder to respond with kindness. You can always try to change your reactions and not be brought down by someone’s negative demeanor. In order to celebrate kindness, it is important to Be Kind.

Celebrate Kindness, Be Kind #kind #books

Celebrate Kindness and Be Kind

Be Kind

It is important to celebrate kindness and treat others the way you want to be treated. Now that my children are young adults, I can officially say I have raised kind people. Here are some books that celebrate kindness.

The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald

What is it like to always be on your best behaviour? Are you good or bad egg? This very relatable picture book captures what it’s like to try to be good all of the time. In The Good Egg we learn that we should not wait until we start to crack before we “focus on yourself and your priorities.”

The Kindness Book by Todd Parr

This is a colorful, timeless book about kindness. Simple suggestions are offered as reminders on how to infuse your daily routine with simple acts of kindness that anyone can practice. Parr’s message is clear: be kind to others and yourself.

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

Are you actually listening when someone is talking? Are you on your phone, distracted? This book shares the value of being an active listener. Building a rapport with someone includes this particular skill.  By being a good listener, it affords others to talk out loud and problem solve. Finding someone that actually listens is a real gift.

Pete The Kitty And The Groovy Playdate by Kimberly & James Dean

Are you booking playdates galore? Or are you dreading the playdate you know you have to have over because sharing always seems to be an issue? Should you let the kids work it out on their own or should you get involved?  Sometimes, you have to model sharing, teamwork, collaboration and turn-taking. Children eventually learn skills that are essential to play and will eventually assist them in later life.

I am Love by Susan Verde

How do we show kindness? This book reminds us to live with gratitude and show our love in many forms. It allows us to understand that we can conquer any unsure feelings by looking inwards and practising self-reflection.

I Walk With Vanessa by Kerascoet

This wordless picture books illustrates the feeling of anger a child experiences when she sees her classmate being treated poorly. Without words, I Walk With Vanessa shows readers that when one person shows someone kindness, they set an example for everyone.

The Little Green Hen by Alison Murray

We all know the story of the Little Red Hen, The Little Green Hen is an adaptation that celebrates environment stewardship and working as a community. In this tale, The Little Green Hen breaks the chain of events and the “circle of mean” from the traditional story of “The Little Red Hen.” See how this clever story brings kindness to others.

Which books do you recommend to teach kids about kindness?

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