The Best Books to Teach Kids How To Be Compassionate and Help Embrace Individuality

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As educators and moms, we want to ensure that we are reading children’s books that inspire us and our children. Reading to and with your child daily will help instill in them a love for literature, and a passion for storytelling.  By connecting characters from our favourite bedtime stories to student’s personal experiences, children learn new skills, will be able to adapt to new situations and learn about the world around them. Here are some of the Best Books to Teach Kids How To Be Compassionate and Help Embrace Individuality!


Here is a list of the Best Books to Teach Kids How To Be Compassionate and Help Embrace Individuality

I Walk With Vanessa by Kerascoet This wordless picture books illustrates the feeling of anger a child experiences when she sees her classmate being treated poorly. Without words, I Walk With Vanessa shows readers that when one person shows someone kindness, they set an example for everyone.


The Fabulous Friend Machine by Nick Bland Books with a message are always intriguing. This book focuses on  the friendliest chicken at Fiddlesticks farm who always brightens everyones day. One day, she finds a mobile device which she calls a, “fabulous friend machine.” She becomes obsessed with her new “friend,” going online all day and night, and even almost gets “run over crossing the road.”  Sound familiar? See what her friends think!


Perfect by Max Amato What is your perfect? Are you a pencil or an eraser? This book reminds a reader to, “embrace your imperfections and open yourself up to the unknown.” Perfect teaches children that it is possible to maintain relationships with people who may be very different from ourself.


A Friend Like Iggy by Kathryn Cole Do you know someone with the worries? Sometimes, we need support to help us navigate new and worrisome situations. Meet Iggy, a furry friend that listens, is by your side when you try something new and is always a calming influence.


The Kindness Book by Todd Parr is a great tool for parens and educators to remind children to be kind. This is a great read-aloud before bed or at school. Parr’s bold images and positive messages remind us how important kindess really is, because no matter what you choose, you can always choose to be kind.


The Don’t Worry Book by Todd Parr This book teaches children that it is normal to deal with the worries once in a while, because although things may be scary, something good may be waiting around the corner!


Dear Boy by P. Rosenthal and J. Rosenthal is an open letter to any special boy in your life. This book is a reminder to our boys that you are always loved, to try your best and always trust yourself. This book is a special gift to any boy who may be graduating or celebrating a special birthday.


Say Something by Peter Hamilton Reynolds  is a story about social justice and notes “you dont have to be loud, powerful words can be a whisper.” An inspiring read and a great reminder that we all have a voice and should be heard.


No Hugs by D. Prischmann is about friendship and boundaries. Do you want a hug? Do you need reminders to self-regulate? This story captures the friendship of two children who are learning about their own personal space. In friendships, it is important to recognize that everyone’s boundaries are different, and being able to respect eachother helps cultivate strong relationships.


I am Love by Susan Verde is a book about compassion. Whenever we feel sad, I Am Love reminds us that we can conquer any difficult feelings by looking inwards and practising self-reflection.


Stormy by Guojing  This wordless picture book is about a scruffy pup that is trying to find a forever home. One day, a woman finds the dog and tries to befriend him. With determination, kindness and patience they eventually build a friendship. This story is for dog lovers everywhere.


I am Human by Susan Verde This book is about connecting our own journey to the lives of others. In order to exercise empathy, we must be able to try to relate to what our friends may be going through.

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What books are you adding to your library?

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