Percy Jackson: Take An Olympian Style Quest

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Thank you to Disney Book Group for gifting us the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan and sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We’re about to call it a wrap on summer break, but I think we can all agree around here that it was one for the books. Both figurative and literally. We’ve been reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series all summer and our kids could not put it down. They read at the pool, on the beach, in bed late at night — you get the idea. They loved all things Percy Jackson all summer long. We even hosted a Percy Jackson-themed pool party to commemorate this epic reading experience.

Rarely do our kids agree on anything. It’s even more rare for them to agree on reading material. But thanks to the amazingly talented writing powers of Rick Riordan, my children completed their summer reading without complaint. All of them managed to finish the entire 5-book series (call me shocked!), and I’ve caught them chatting constantly with their friends about the series.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard them so excited about a book — let alone an entire series — before, and as a reading-loving mommy it’s warmed my heart to know that my kids have found the joy of reading this summer.

Percy Jackson Final Review

We asked each of the kids to give us their review of the Percy Jackson series. What book they enjoyed the most? What they learned from the series? What character was their favorite? Would they recommend this to their friends? Here are their final thoughts…

Child #1: I enjoyed reading about the relationships Percy had the most. Right from the beginning it was interesting to read about Percy’s friends, their powers, and who ended up being an enemy. It was fun to see how they worked together to solve quests. I would love to wake up and have godlike powers for me and my friends. If I could read any of the books again it would be The Lightning Thief because that’s where it all began.

Child #2: Ugh, I hate that it ended! But loved the ending! I loved following along with Percy and Annabelle and was so excited to see they ended up together. Annabelle was my favorite character out of all of them because she was so tough, and she was always in charge. I would love to see a spin-off book to see if they get married and have demigod children and what their superpowers would be. 

Child #3: The Battle of the Labyrinth was my favorite book! The battles were awesome and around every moving wall was another enemy. It was the only time in the series I thought Kronos and Luke might win. I also liked that a lot of new friends like Nico appeared. I’ve told some of my friends to read the books because they have been my favorite I’ve ever read so far. I want to read The Trials of Apollo series to see if it has more battles and Percy Jackson. 

Child #4: Reading the Percy Jackson books was so fun – especially with my friends and siblings. It was fun to talk about it all together all summer. Percy and his friends made me laugh a lot and I realized I was learning a lot too. Before the books, I didn’t know about some of the Greek myths or gods and I didn’t know that the mythology was real. It was also fun to imagine all these battles happening and creatures roaming around some of the places we’ve actually been. My favorite book was The Lightning Thief. It made me want to read more!


Go On A Percy Jackson Style Quest

While the kids are sad that they have finished up reading the series, we realized the fun doesn’t have to stop there. There’s still tons of summer left, so we brainstormed multiple ways to enjoy our own Percy Jackson-style quests outside of the pages.

  • Visit a local art museum’s Greek and Roman collection.
  • Go on a Greek statue scavenger hunt (double check to make sure they aren’t automatons!).

  • Host your own Percy Jackson party. Bonus points for Ancient Greek-themes wear! (See our own Percy Jackson party ideas here.)
  • Get your vocals ready and plan to see The Lightning Thief musical Broadway show. (Check the tour dates and locations here.)
  • Plan your own Camp Half-Blood camping adventure for an evening, complete with bonfire-side battle stories.
  • Make some popcorn and host a movie night to binge watch The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters. Compare how the movies differ from the books.

  • Take fencing lessons to perfect your own Camp Half-Blood swordsman skills.
  • Build your own mini-labyrinth with friends. What obstacles will you place in your maze?
  • Channel your inner Grover and start a mini garden Pan would approve of.

Did your children read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series with us this summer? What were their final thoughts on this popular book series?

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