The benefits of baby-wearing and a Stokke MyCarrier review

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Stokke MyCarrier

I have always been a big advocate for baby-wearing. There are so many benefits for your baby — they may cry less, better positioning for muscular and spinal development, great for brain development — but I didn’t realize how absolutely essential it would turn out to be for my family now that we have two children to look after!

It’s been five years since we have been parents to a newborn, and now that we’re back at it, we have realized how much hands-on attention they require. A trip to the grocery store or housecleaning isn’t as easy to accomplish anymore when you have a baby that wants to be held often, and rather than either A) letting your housework pile up until you have quite the laundry mountain or B) have your baby scream their little lungs out while you hurriedly and stressfully rush through whatever task you need to do, simply wearing them in a carrier while you go about your day is a much better option.

Stokke MyCarrier

The 3-in-1 Stokke MyCarrier

We were so happy to have a chance to try out the Stokke MyCarrier for baby-wearing with Reid. Juggling the needs of our newborn along with the needs of our five-year-old has proven to be a little tougher than we thought, and having our hands and arms free while we do our daily tasks has been a big help in our transition from family of three to family of four. There are so many components that go into making a high-quality carrier, and I was impressed with the effort Stokke put into their product.

The carrier is a 3-in-1; meaning you can wear your baby facing inwards from the newborn stage until they can hold their head up, outwards from roughly four months, and back carrying when your child can sit unaided (and is longer than 28 inches) with a maximum load of 33lbs. There is no need to purchase another carrier — MyCarrier grows with your child.

Proper baby wearing position

Happy Hip Support

Another feature that I was happy to see paid attention to was the “Happy Hips” support under baby’s bottom and thighs for a wide leg position. Many carriers make the fatal mistake of not providing enough support in this area, causing more harm than good to our babies’ hips. It’s extremely important for babies to be positioned correctly for the proper growth and development of their hips, and the Stokke MyCarrier made sure to create a carrier that provided optimal ergonomic support. Not only does your baby get the support they need, but parents won’t have to worry about sore backs or shoulders — the back support, waist belt and shoulder straps are all ergonomically designed to provide you with the most comfortable carrier. You can completely adjust the carrier to fit your body shape.

Hands free with the Stokke MyCarrier

I also love the small details that Stokke put into the MyCarrier — the head support provided for baby when they are still unable to hold up their heads, a pocket for your keys, the additional aluminum support for your back you can insert if needed, and a sun/sleep shade for baby are all thoughtful touches that make this carrier stand out amongst so many other carriers on the market.

Stokke My Carrier

My husband David wearing Reid during a trip to the grocery store!

Our first outing with Reid in the MyCarrier was at the grocery store. My husband strapped on the carrier (another bonus — they’re very gender neutral so mom or dad can wear it!) and we easily slid Reid in. It was very easy to get Reid in, which we loved. Struggling with a carrier that has hundreds of straps, adjustments and inserts while you try to put your fussing baby in is not ideal!  With a few quick adjustments of the straps, Reid was sitting up where he should be (you should be able to kiss the top of your baby’s head when they’re in the carrier), perfectly comfortable and content. Reid loved being held but being able to observe everything around him. Perfect combination!

We’ve since used the MyCarrier during most of our outings and it has made each trip to the grocery store, park or mall enjoyable and less stressful. Being able to bond with Reid while we have our hands free to spend time with our little girl, clean up around the house or run some errands has made the impact of adding a newborn to the mix a little more manageable. It’s become one of our baby item must-haves!

What do you do while being hands free while baby-wearing?


Disclosure: I was given a Stokke MyCarrier for review.  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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  1. I love that this carrier grows with your child! I also love the simple, modern design and that it’s cool enough for the Dads to wear it.

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