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One of my favorite things to do with my daughter, now that she is 4, is to have fun tea parties with her and her friends.  I have a collection of antique mismatched tea cups and saucers, and she’s now at the age where I (pretty much) trust her with them!  You can really get creative with having a tea party and even have themes.  For Halloween, we had a “Ghoulish Tea Party” which was a lot of fun.  You can have a Spring Time theme, an Alice and Wonderland Theme, Valentine’s Theme…endless possibilities!  You could even base a theme on your little one’s favorite book to read.  I’ve put together a few cute inspirational ideas to get you started on your very own tea party.  And what’s also fun is to invite the mama’s, so you get to have a little party yourself!

1)     Strawberry Iced Tea – you don’t necessarily have to serve warm tea.  You can serve warm cider, or a fruity warm tea sweetened with a little fruit juice, or this delicious Iced Strawberry Tea for warmer days – I love the strawberry accent on the side of the glass!  Just make sure you make it with herbal tea and not a caffeinated tea or you’ll have to be pulling your little ones off the ceiling!

fancy shmancy cards

2)     Printable invites and other cute décor –  if you go to Etsy and search Tea Party Printables, you will find so many adorable invitations and decorations to print out.  Looking at them all can also give you some inspiration for a theme!

teddy bear tea sandwiches

3)    Teddy Bear Tea Sandwiches – I love these little sandwiches, and what’s great is that you can do something similar in any cookie cutter shape you can find.  These are yummy peanut butter/honey/banana sandwiches but you can make any kind of sandwich you think your little one will enjoy!

tea cup cupcake2

4)     Cupcake in Tea Cup – I love this idea!  So cute and super fun!  And your little one will love to help make these!

5)     Oreo Pops – these are quite decadent but hey, it’s not like you eat them every day!  They look so festive dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles!  The kids will have a lot of fun eating them, that’s for sure!

flower headband

6)     Easy Silk Flower Headband Craft – this is a really cute craft to do at your party.  You can get all the materials you need at the dollar store making this a very inexpensive craft for the kids to enjoy!

7)     Pom Pom Tissue Décor – these are actually incredibly easy to make, and you can even buy the tissue paper at the dollar store as well, making these inexpensive too.  I love tissue pom poms – they give such a dramatic, festive ambiance!

Do you have any a great tea party for kids tips?

Author: Leslie Newton thinks being a mom is really cool even though it can be, well, you know, pretty hard.  She loves doing crafts with her 4 year old and going on family outings especially when they include yummy picnics filled with delicious foods & delightful sweet treats. Leslie has been an entrepreneur since the age of 7 and is the founder of timi & leslie diaper bags.  She used to perform sketch comedy at the Groundling’s in LA.  She loves fashion.  She loves to write. She loves to walk her two dogs.  And well, seriously, she loves delightful sweet treats. Follow her @LeslieLNewton on twitter!

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