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When I was pregnant, one of the biggest challenges was to find some cute maternity clothes at affordable prices.  I was able to score some stylish hand-me-downs, but since I was pregnant during the spring and summer, I wanted to find some cute dresses that didn’t make me feel like I was wearing a potato sack.  I’ve found a nice selection of cute frocks at very reasonable prices to share with you that are great for work, date night or just on days when you want to look a little spruced up!


1)     The Midi Dress – I love the length of this dress – some women are lucky and the only thing that seems to grow is their belly when they are pregnant.  That wasn’t the case for me!  My entire body seemed to expand, so I became a little more self conscience of my legs.  This length hides a little more, but still looks stylish!

2)     The Tulip Dress – this dress is adorable and I love the pleating on this dress to give a sweet “tulip” look.

3)     The Swing Dress with Peter Pan collar – this dress is so on trend with both the mod look and black and white look big for Spring this season.  I would love this dress even when I wasn’t pregnant!

4)     Silk Panel Dress – this dress is perfect for dressy occasions!  It’s so hard to find a chic maternity dress that doesn’t cost a fortune, so even if you only wear this a few times, you won’t feel like you over spent!

5)     Double Layer Dress – this is a great long sleeve option for cooler days or evenings.  Pair it with  some tights and cute flats, and you’ll be a maternity fashion plate!

6)     Lace Back Dress – this is a very sweet dress – could be a perfect choice for your baby shower or tea out with the girls.  I love the delicate lace detailing both in the front and the back.

Well to all you ladies out there who are pregnant, I hope this helps you find a few things you can feel good in during this very special time!

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