Bump Shot – Week 34!

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The weather has been fantastic for a few weeks now, so I am dressing in comfortable summer clothes! I am always big on adding a belt to a summer dress to add some shape and some sort of a waist (my waist is very much non-existant now, but I can kind of fake it with a cute belt!), so I belted this fun printed blue and white dress and added a white cardigan in case it gets chilly. This dress would look really cute with a great pair of wedges or heels, but my achey pregnant bones needed a flat pair of sandals to wear. Dresses have been my go-to outfits over the last several weeks of this pregnancy. I love how you can throw one on and look instantly put together — something that a tired, third trimester mama needs desperately!

My baby bump is now 34 weeks along, and after feeling pretty great during this whole pregnancy, I am finally feeling the downright exhaustion that can hit during the third trimester. I’m looking forward to the end of work (only two and a half more weeks!) now that my back is starting to bother me, and can’t wait to be at home to focus on getting our family ready for the new addition. I have a year of maternity leave to look forward to, so I am really anxious for it to start. Almost everything is ready for our new little one, it’s starting to seem a bit more real!

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