Oh, Target… Your Threshold Line Will Be My UNDOING.

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Dear Target,
I hate you.

No. I don’t really. Actually, quite the opposite. I love you. I love you more than I can tell you, but then I hate you because you make me want to redecorate my entire house every season. While I know you put a lot of emphasis and media attention behind your designer collaborations, my latest obsessions have come from your less hyped Threshold line. I’m not even sure when I first seeing the name in your stores, but I know that it was love at first sight. And this Spring? Your collection has knocked my socks off.

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The bright oranges! The vintage shapes! The fauxidermy! THE TURQUOISE. My heart leaps when I round the home goods section of the store. I would stay away (just for budgeting sake) but your team was SO SMART to put you close to nessesities like paper towels, milk and juice boxes. I am forced to pass you on my weekly (ok… twice weekly) trips for things I (really) need.


Just last month I was having a whole conversation with someone about how much I still love my Missoni acrylic plates from Fall 2011. They’ve held up and I love the chevron zig-zags. Of course, the next day I round the corner to grab a few bananas and BAM. What do I see? A whole  new collection of mixed pattern ikat blue and orange plates, platters and dip bowls! All of a sudden my black and white Missoni plates are SO dated and I NEED to replace them ASAP with this amazingly cute collection.

And this only a week after I impulse bought a orange X-stool and a matching throw rug.

Yes, my dear Target, this new Threshold line is indeed a problem for me. Did I really NEED 3 new doormats last week? Why yes. They were turquoise and they matched my plates. Whatever.

So thank you for all you have designed, apparently with me in mind. And please, please stop producing adorable things right now.

Yours forever,

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