Eat, Drink and Be Merry – St. Patty’s Day Round Up

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Whether you intend to or not, we all kind of become honorary Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. And that means partaking in festive drinks and food. Check out these sassy choices for the big day. And if you forget to wear green, don’t worry. You can always carry around one of these cocktails or treats. How’s that for multi-tasking?

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St. Patty’s Day Irish Beer Tasting Station Photo courtesy of

This is great way to taste a variety of one of St. Patrick’s Days most notable staples – beer. Hit the local store to find a variety of Irish beers and serve them up in decorated glasses. Create a tasting list with beer characteristics and colors. You’ll be sure to find a new favorite.

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Green Apple Martini Photo Courtesy of

Spruce up this favorite by rimming your glass with a rainbowed assortment of colored sugars. To make it stick, run a lime wedge around the glass. The sweet and sour kick will give guests a tasty surprise in this luscious green apple martini. Top with shamrock decoration and a colorful straw.


Shamrocker Photo Courtesy of

If there’s one thing this shamrocker cocktail will do, it’s knock your socks off. It’s a mix of 1800 silver tequila, melon liquor, triple sec, and a splash of orange juice. Top it off with a fresh slice of orange. Careful. These things go down way too easy.

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Irish Ale Cocktail Photo Courtesy of

Conjure up some luck of the Irish with this sparkling cocktail. It’s a simple mixture of Irish whiskey and ginger ale, but it tastes like so much more. It’s light and refreshing – the perfect accompaniment to appetizers or finger foods.

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Lucky Rainbow Treats Photo courtesy of

These treats are as filling as they are creative. Also, they are very inexpensive to make. Cut baked photos in half and use insides to make twice-baked cheddar filling.  Food coloring on cheese crisps or tortilla strips round out the meal as a faux rainbow.

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Shamrock Smoothies Photo courtesy of Midwest Living

Start your St. Patrick’s Day morning out right with a delicious smoothie packed full of fruit and Greek yogurt. Blend frozen kiwifruit and banana, then add green grapes, yogurt, orange juice, and honey. Rum optional after 11 a.m.

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Rainbow Fruit Tray Photo Courtesy of 2Wired2Tired

There really is a surprise at the end of this rainbow, with marshmallow clouds and gold candy treasure. And it’s a win for adults and kids. Arrange multicolor fruit in as many rows as you’d like. Whatever is in season will work, as long as it’s colorful.

 Moms, what are your favorite St. Patty’s Day recipes?

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