Summer Road Trip Must Haves

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Last summer we took the kids on a road trip down the California coast and they loved it!  Summer road trips are a great way to see and do a lot without feeling rushed.  If you plan it right your pit stops can be more than just stretching your legs, but you can actually see and do things to break up the drive.  Traveling by car puts flexibility in your journey because you can adjust your itinerary as you go, you have the right to be spontaneous!  You just need a “go with it” attitude.  We loved it so much we are planning another road trip at the end of August before the kids go back to school.

When traveling with the kids on such a long trip you definitely want to make sure you are covered in case of an emergency which is why this savvy new roadside service from Allstate is a must have – you don’t pay unless you use it. Sign up for free right here, its really that easy!


Good HandsSM Roadside Assistance, is a new Allstate service that gives you free access to Allstate’s 24/7 Roadside Network should your car break down for any reason and you don’t have to be an Allstate policy holder  There is no annual fees and  in most cases it’s just $75 per tow and $50 per other service.I know there has been many trips where my husband and I haven’t paid attention to the gas tank and got pretty nervous we’d run out of gas, they even come and help with that!

Now what products do I reccommend for a savvy adventure, I thought you’d never ask….

My Summer Road Trip Must Haves


1.  Portable DVD Player – Love these SONY colors!


2.  Re-usable Bags – Be clean and green with Rume Bags


3.  A Great Cooler (with wheels) – I like California Innovations


4.  Highlights Hidden Pictures – keep those little minds busy!

5. All in one Snack Containers – just load and go!


6.  Chill It Wine bags – Mama likes a chilled Chardonnay!

7.  Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade

So what are you waiting for?  There are still plenty of days left of summer  so pack up the car, enroll in the Allstate Roadside Assistance Network and hit the road!



Disclosure: This post was compensated and I share this with you because I find it to be helpful and informative.  All of my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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  1. “Paci-Pockets” car seat strap covers and pillows are a must for us! My daughter would go crazy without her paci in the car, and the strap covers and pillows keep her comfy!

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  3. I have three little kids (3, 6, and 8yrs old) who we travel with a lot. Because of this – and their constant need for something to do in the car – I created a few books to help them pass their time. They have worked wonders in keeping my own kids occupied and I’m sure they would be useful to others as well:

    1) Kid’s Travel Journal – let the kids write about their trip through their own eyes! Surprisingly, this works really well to get them involved in the trip and gets them more excited about everything.

    2) Are We There Yet? – a book of travel games that can be played just about anywhere and require no electronics at all. These are great for some family bonding and when you want to simply “unplug” from the DVDs and radios and DS’s and everything else. Many memories have been made playing these games (and you may remember some from your own childhood!)

    3) Beginner Word and Number Searches for Kids – Does your child like puzzles? Mine sure do, so I created a book with a bunch of relatively simple word and number searches for the kids to do. Not only is this great entertainment for them, but it is also a great way to keep their minds sharp while away from other activities.

    You can find them all on

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