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Cold-weather mom must-have: Stroller mittens

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Get your stroller ready for winter

If you’ve ever pushed your stroller in the rain, or snow, or even just in cold weather, you know exactly what stroller mittens are for! But, do you realize how cool they are? Stroller mittens aren’t just mittens that you use to push your stroller — they actually attach to your stroller bar and stay there, so you can easily slip your hands in and out of the mittens to help your baby get bucked or to pull out your wallet to pay for a coffee. When you’re ready to push, just slip your hands back inside the stroller mittens and off you go!

5 Stroller mittens to keep warm

Stroller Mittens


Top row:
For the stylish mom: WarMMuffs 212, 7 A.M. Enfant, $38
7 A.M. Enfant really makes all of the rules when it comes to stroller mittens, carrying the largest variety, the most colors and stroller mittens of all different levels of warmth to keep your hands cozy no matter where you live. We can’t resist these hot pink stroller mittens, the perfect winter stroller accessory to go with your super-post stroller.

For the sporty mom: Bar Mitts Baby Jogger Stroller Covers,, $55
Designed by a company that makes accessories for cyclists, these stroller mittens are hardcore. Made from the same materials they use in the best wetsuits, they will keep your hands warm and dry as you take Baby on a run in your jogging stroller.

Middle row:
For the mild weather mom: Hand Warmer Stroller Gloves, Etsy, $38
A one-piece stroller mitten that comes in a variety of colors and fabrics (including faux fur!), these will keep your hands warm in climates that aren’t as extreme. We love that it attaches so easily onto the stroller handle, making it a breeze to throw it onto your stroller as you rush out the door.

For the mom who needs extra warmth: Tako Stroller Mittens, Stroller Boutique, $19
Providing warmth on top of warmth on top of even more warmth, these mittens have you covered for cold weather. First, you can wear your own gloves inside of them. Then, they are lined with fleece to keep you extra warm. And, in a very thoughtful feature, they have even covered your stroller handle, inside the mittens.

Bottom row:
For the handmade mom: Handmitten, Haypenny Design, $50
Custom-made mittens that cover your entire stroller handlebar… and that are guaranteed to be unique, Haypenny Design makes each pair themselves. You can contact them directly to chat about creating a pattern or color that matches your stroller!

Do you think stroller mittens are a must-have stroller accessory?

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  1. This is my third winter pushing a stroller…. how have I lived without these?! Thanks for sharing!

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