7 Reasons why having three kids is awesome

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If you’re a frequent reader of parenting blogs (like me!), you may have heard that having three kids changes everything. You might have read that after having your third baby, your mind, body and house will never be the same. All kidding aside, let’s face it, this parenting gig is hard, regardless of how many kids you have and like any addition to a family a third baby can be quite the transition. For me personally, the hardest transition was going from having no kids to being a new parent. I won’t sugarcoat it or deny having had my fair share of “end of my ropes” moments, but three kids has received some bad press lately, so after almost a year of being a mom of three I’m sharing seven reasons why having three kids is awesome!

7 Reasons why having three kids is awesome

1. There is always a playmate

I think part of the reason that the transition from two kids to three felt a little less crazy is that unlike the transition from one child to two, my older boys had each other and kept themselves entertained.  The beauty of a house full of three boys is that there is always someone to play with… and it’s half a hockey team!

2. They learn to share

Speaking as an only child, one of the great things about having three kids is that they learn to share, in all capacities. Learning to share toys, share the spotlight, pass down clothes and gear, celebrate their siblings achievements and appreciate their differences, is essential.

3. They have each-other’s back

The new dynamic of a third boy this past year has been really fun to watch. Yes, at times, hair-raising, at times overwhelming, but many times just as heart-warming seeing the way my big boys show their little brother so much affection (sometimes too much!) and seeing my oldest become independent and a good little helper.

4. Life is never boring

There is literally never a dull moment in our house. Someone is always in need of help, there is more often than not a hockey game going on, someone is always hungry, someone always has something exciting to share from their day and it’s all amazing.

5. Three times the hugs and kisses

The saying goes, “full hands, full heart,” and I couldn’t agree more. These boys of mine test my patience daily.  Sometimes when I plop into bed, I realize that it’s the first time I’ve sat down all day, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The hugs, kisses and sweet moments (yes, there are plenty) make it all worth it.

6. People rarely bother to give you unsolicited parenting advice

While you’ll get your fair share of “boy you’ve got your hands full” comments, by the time you have three kiddos it’s rare that anyone will bother to give you unsolicited advice. Honestly, you’re too busy to worry about it anyway.

7. You finally enjoy the ride

Yes, this is a generalization — everyone is different — but from personal experience, one of the biggest joys of parenting my third son has truly been enjoying the experience and the baby steps along the way.  While I’m still winging it daily, this time around there is so much less second guessing myself, scrutinizing every decision, general fear and worrying about what others think this time around.  I also found myself better able to roll with the punches and laugh at the chaos.



Do you have 3+ kids? What would you add to the list?

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  1. It’s so refreshing to finally see a blog post about 3 being a joy! We were surprised with the news of a 3rd coming our way, And there really is so much negative about it! Thank you for seeing the bright sides! 🙂

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