Safest sunscreen for kids

Staying safe this summer with the safest sunscreen for babies and kids

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The warmer weather brings so much fun and joy for families. As families look ahead, they get ready to check everything off their summer bucket list as they head into the summer months! It means more time outdoors and more time for family fun whether it be in the pool, at the beach or at the park. While families have been anxiously waiting to get outside for some family fun, remembering skin safety is essential. Children’s skin is so delicate and needs to be protected from the harsh sun. This summer, stay protected with the safest sunscreen for babies and kids.

Safest sunscreen for Babies and Kids

As a mom of 2 and countless other kids around all the time, I have tried and tested more sunscreens than I can count! My children have different preferences on what feels comfortable on their skin, what smells they prefer and the texture of the sunscreen. Additionally, one of my kids has normal skin while the other one has very sensitive skin. Due to her sensitive skin, I am very selective about what I will put on her. I recently tried Evereden’s Premium Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. It is a 100% mineral based sunscreen for baby and kids that easily applies onto their skin for great protection.  My favorite part is that it is made with non-nano zinc so it doesn’t leave that yucky white paste on their skin. Evereden’s premium mineral sunscreen is the safest sunscreen for babies and kids.

When it comes to the smell and the feel, it has proven to be a winner. Made with skin nourishing sunflower and jojoba oils and cucumber extract, it has a smell that the kids love and feel good about!

Safest sunscreen for babies and kids
How to stay Sun Safe this Summer

When it comes to staying sun safe, finding the safest sunscreen for your babies and kids is only part of the battle. The sunscreen is the safest protection, but only if it is used properly!

  1. Get into a routine: Part of the battle is getting into the routine of putting on sunscreen. In our house, especially in the summer, we start the day with sunscreen application. The best time to put the sunscreen is in the morning when the kids are naked! That is the best way to ensure that you don’t miss a spot. There is nothing worse than a burn along the lines of the bathing suit, especially when they can be avoided. Get into the routine of putting on sunscreen before your kids get dressed for the day.
  2. Apply on time: Applying first thing in the morning is a great place to start, but not a fool proof solution. Sunscreen must be applied a minimum of 15 minutes before sun exposure to ensure its full benefit. We know that it can be tricky for the kids to wait for a while 15 minutes when they are anxiously waiting to jump into the pool, so think about having a fun game ready for them to play while they wait. A few great options are:

3. Re-apply: This is where many people miss the boat! Believe me, I get it. The kids are having fun in the pool or playing whatever game they are playing, and stopping for a re-application at the 2 hour mark (at a maximum) can be tricky. Use natural breaks like snack time and pee-breaks as an opportunity to re-apply. Don’t forget to wait the 15 minutes if they are jumping back into the pool. A grumpy kiddo for a few minutes while re-applying is better than a miserable child with a burn!

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4. Have Fun! Remember to have fun while keeping you kids safe and protected from the sun! Grab an iced coffee, a good book and a healthy snack and get outdoor with your kids this summer!

Wishing you a fun and safe summer with you families!

What do you look for in your kids sunscreen?

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