Snickerdoodle Cookies

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This is a sweet treat from Rachael over at La Fuji Mama

Snickerdoodle cookies were a childhood favorite of mine.  My mom’s snickerdoodles were (and still are!) incredible.  Soft and moist with the perfect cinnamon and sugar coating . . . in other words, perfection.  Now that autumn is upon us, I’ve got snickerdoodles on the brain.  It must be the cinnamon, which I always associate with autumn desserts.  This year I decided to up the anti, and take my mom’s snickerdoodle recipe to the next level.  I added some extra fall spice to the dough by including ground cloves and nutmeg, and switched some of the all-purpose flour out for tapioca flour.  The result?  Soft moist snickerdoodles with just a hint of chew and lots of autumnal flavor.

If you’ve never made snickerdoodles, you’re in for a treat, because not only are they delicious, but they are super easy to make.  Just simply mix up the dough ingredients and stick the dough in the refrigerator to chill for a bit.  Then roll the dough into little balls, roll the balls in a cinnamon and sugar coating, and stick them in the oven to bake.  See? Easy!

If your kids are anything like mine, they will love helping you roll the cookie dough into balls, especially if you promise them a cookie as a reward.  Start a new fall tradition and get into the kitchen with your kiddos and make some snickerdoodle cookies!  Oh, and if you don’t have tapioca flour, no worries!  Just use 3/4 cup all-purpose flour instead.  The cookies will still be moist and delicious, just slightly less chewy.

The Ultimate Snickerdoodle Recipe
Recipe from Rachael of
Makes 4 dozen cookies

Snickerdoodle dough:

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
2 large eggs
2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup tapioca flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt

Cinnamon & Sugar Coating:

2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon


1. Make the snickerdoodle dough: Cream the butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar in a large mixing bowl until fluffy.  Add the eggs and mix until combined.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the all-purpose flour, tapioca flour, baking powder, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, and salt.  Gradually add the dry mixture to the butter mixture.  Chill the dough for 1 to 2 hours.

3. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. In a small bowl, whisk together the granulated sugar and ground cinnamon to make the cinnamon and sugar coating.  Roll the chilled cookie dough into small balls (about 1-inch in diameter), then roll in the cinnamon and sugar coating.  Place on ungreased baking sheets, 2-inches apart, and bake for 7 minutes.  Let cool for about 5 minutes on the baking sheet for about 5 minutes, then remove to cooling racks to cool completely.

Rachael lives in Corona, CA with her husband, 2 daughters, and 2 ninja cats.  She is the author of the blog La Fuji Mama, which focuses on bringing world flavors to the family dinner table.  Rachael has eaten her way around the world, having lived in a variety of locations, including Paris, Tokyo, Memphis, and Los Angeles.  She is a self-proclaimed Japanese cuisine advocate who loves introducing people to such things as the wonders of homemade tofu, the importance of sustainable seafood, and the secrets behind making professional-looking gyoza.  You can find her on Twitter @fujimama and on Facebook, La Fuji Mama.


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  1. These look great! I’m surprised there’s no raising agent. If I don’t have tapioca flour, could I replace it with something like rice flour?

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much for saying something about the lack of raising agent! The problem has been fixed—I apolgize! Somehow it got inadvertently left out. This mama must need more sleep!

    As for the tapioca flour, you can just replace it with all-purpose flour. Because I haven’t tested the recipe using rice flour, I can’t guarantee the results. Oftentimes I have to tweak liquid amounts when using various rice flours. Hope that helps!

  3. Just made them and can I say how wonderfull they are. So soft on the inside and just a little crisp to the edges. My hole houes smells like Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Cant wait to take them to work.

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