Meet the first ever smart swaddling blanket

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swaddletechMost of us know SwaddleDesigns‘ iconic label that shows three baby images in various stages of swaddling, so parents always have a quick reference of how to wrap their babies in cuddly closeness. But now they’ve come up with something even better.

A smart swaddle?

Meet the world’s first tech-savvy smart swaddling blanket. In a world where we are literally glued to our smartphones — this only makes sense. Right next to their patented 1-2-3 swaddle instruction tag, you’ll find a separate tag with a QR code that can be scanned with your smartphone to get exclusive access to the SwaddleClub which contains sleep advice from The Happiest Baby on the Block author Dr. Harvey Carp, calming MP3s like white noise and rain on the rooftop, plus lots more.


How It Works

That square image on the tag? It’s a QR code — a scannable barcode that downloads information direction to your phone. It’s the same technology that we use in apps to download music, nutritional information or games from other labels. If you don’t have an app for scanning QR codes, you can download one for free on iTunes or GooglePlay.

Scan the label with your phone and you’re now a part of the SwaddleClub. You can stream calming white noise, instructional videos, quick tips and parenting references, all in the palm of your hand.

Moms, what do you think of this new tech-savvy baby product?

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  1. So all it has is a QR? I bet they marked up the price as well.

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