Savvy Sassy Moms’ Postpartum Party Tips on Good Morning America

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Have you heard of a Postpartum Party? After you have a baby, you experience so many different emotions. While it is the most exciting time of your life, it is also the most overwhelming! When you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to think straight and almost impossible to slow down to think about what you really need to take care of YOU! Your body has just gone through an incredible experience and a huge change, which needs time to recover!

When chatting with Good Morning America about postpartum parties earlier this week, we discussed how, what you need and what you ask for after you have a baby are two completely different things. Nicole Pelletiere started the article she interviewed us for with a quote we can all relate to and have definitely said ourselves: “No thanks, we don’t need anything. We’re fine.” Have you said those exact words? I know I have! We put our babies first and tend to forget about ourselves at a time when we need to care for ourselves most!

We shared our Postpartum Party Tips on Good Morning America

In the Good Morning America article, The Postpartum party is the Event New Moms Actually Need, we share a bunch of tips that will help you get through the first few weeks with a newborn in a way that will take care of you and your baby. Instead of a baby shower, many moms are opting for a postpartum party which takes place for 6-8 weeks after the birth of the baby. This includes visits, celebrating and support, all things a new mom needs as she transitions into mommyhood!

“No” is not a bad word!

I always tell new moms that the most important thing for her to know is that it is OK to say no. We are all guilty of feeling the pressure of saying yes all the time, when what you really want to say is, now isn’t a good time for a visit, or the baby is sleeping and I would like to be doing the same! Instead, we try to please everyone and say, yes! Give yourself the freedom of saying no and set boundaries that will put you in the drivers seat. We shared a few ways to stay on top of the visiting schedule on GMA.

Give the Gift of Service

Gifts shouldn’t be just for the baby, after all, the parents are the one taking care of the baby day in and day out! There are so many gifts that you can give a new family that will be so much more meaningful than a onesie or a personalized baby blanket. While those are wonderful gifts, close family and friends should consider the gift of service! Not sure what we mean, we are taking about the gift of a clean home, cooked meals and some sleep!

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