College First Aid Kit is also an aid for my peace of mind

The College Student First Aid Kit is Also an Aid For My Peace of Mind!

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Sending your kids off to college is a very exciting and busy time. The door of memories that was opened just a crack when your children applied to school has now bust wide open, flooding your family with nostalgia and sentimentality. I remembered my years at college, but I was also brooding on my child leaving me for the next four years! We’d shared so many memories together! I was feeling especially nostalgic now it was time to move onto the next phase of our relationship. With so many things to worry about, at least my kids are prepared with their college first aid kits. As a mother, The College Student First Aid Kit is Also An Aid for My Peace of Mind.

Gearing up for a successful first year away

College First Aid Kit is also an aid for my peace of mind #collegestudentfirstaidkit

We have been thinking about and preparing ourselves mentally for this for many years. Letting go is never easy.  I was dreading saying what feels like my last goodbyes ever on drop-off day. Meanwhile, my kids were focused on decorating their dorms once the acceptance letters rolled in. Where in the world could we possibly get extra-long bedding? Did we really need a microwave that badly? Is a microwave even allowed in dorms? Oh, what if the microwave causes a fire!

Gathering and nesting

Along with many other new students and their parents, we began gathering all of the items needed. Is nesting before college the same as nesting when you are pregnant? As parents, we want to provide our kids with the means for a wonderful living space. Sometimes this includes a well decorated dorm room, area rugs, decorative towels and some even special curtains! While many of these items are top priority when gearing up for college life, we often neglect the importance of a few of the necessities! What exactly do you need to maintain your health and well-being while away from home at college? I know now, a college first aid kit should be a priority and one that keeps everything you need stored in one place is ideal.

College First Aid Kit is also an aid for my peace of mind

College First Aid Kit is also an aid for my peace of mind #collegestudentfirstaidkit

Once your children have moved into their dorms, college life gets busy! Kids are joining sororities, fraternities, clubs and committees. Trying to participate in all the frosh week activities and to be able to branch out and meet new fellow first years is extremely busy. They are finding their way around their new space and making new friends.

After the first week, perhaps you get a call that your child is feeling under the weather. They call about the headache from late nights of study and the blisters on their feet from the long trek to classes. Maybe you chalk it up to them missing you and tell them they should possibly stay in tonight. Regardless of symptoms, your child is prepared by the mom-approved College Student First Aid Kit’s portable medicine cabinet that you have strategically placed in their dorm room. This kit is filled with self-care tips and tricks that are simple and all contained in one place.

College dorm-size student first aid kit is essential

College First Aid Kit is also an aid for my peace of mind #collegestudentfirstaidkit

The  College Student First Aid Kit keeps all of the necessities in one place. Created by a mother of two college students and college nurse practitioner, I felt secure knowing that my child was covered in all possible cases of illness, blisters and just plain feeling run-down. I did not have to run around to a variety of stores gathering items that would be useful in case of an emergency. This saved us time, energy and gave us more positive energy to focus on spending the limited quality time that we get together before leaving for this milestone year.

Anything that saves you time and energy before your child leaves for college is precious. Trust me, you want to nix talking about the endless ailments that are symptomatic of the crazy college life, and to instead use your time to listen to your childs’ plans, aspirations and of course discuss your visit up the first chance you can get (or they will allow)!

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