How to Prevent Diaper Rash in the Winter

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One of my favorite memories from my childhood is spending the weekends a few hours out of town skiing with my family. While the weather was cold and my cheeks were always rosy, there was something magical about leaving reality and escaping to the slopes at the end of a long week. For a while, it was just me and my sister, but years later, my parents had my brother and he came along for the ride. He always bundled up tight to keep him nice and warm, and since I was almost a teenager, I remember that the winter months were always tough on his behind. Hours spent in the carrier or bundled up in the stroller left him with a lot of tushy rash!

Somethings never change!

Years later, my own little family has started skiing. My kids go out on the slopes each weekend and are slowly beginning to power down the hill while we stand outside and video as much as we can! No matter the year, as parents, we all have the same issues however since my memory has served me well, we have been able to be proactive and protect against diaper rash this winter season!

When you have multiple children, there is nothing worse than feeling like you are putting one child’s need above the other. While the big kids are out on the slopes having a great time, the baby is bundled up tightly sweating under all his clothes. The sweatier he gets, the more likely he is to have a sore red bum which leaves him feeling uncomfortable while a huge cloud filled with mom-guilt appears!

Why does your child get diaper rash if they aren’t left in a wet diaper?

We all know that mom-guilt is brought on by so many different things, but there is nothing worse than opening your baby’s diaper to find a diaper rash. Your first instinct might be to blame yourself, but you need to give yourself a break! There are so many causes of diaper rash and in the warm summer months or the when babies are bundled in the winter, exposure to heat and humidity can add to the problem.

Listen, we get it…getting a baby bundled up is no easy feat and once they are all warm and cozy in their winter attire and the carrier or the car seat, we know that taking them out for frequent diaper changes isn’t the most appealing if they don’t need to be changed! When your child is sitting in warm, moist conditions for a prolonged period of time, germs that are typically harmless begin to grow rapidly within your child’s skin folds causing irritation.

What preventative measures can you take?

Knowing is half the battle. While you still want your older kids to engage in fun outdoor winter activities, keep your little one’s bottom in mind.

  1. Be proactive and protect your baby’s bum before the sweat begins. In the morning, apply a protective layer of Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash to help avoid diaper rash. Triple Paste is great because its thick barrier stays put and does not absorb into your baby’s diaper or skin.  Your baby’s bottom will be protected, even when wet from sweat and/or a dirty diaper!
  2. If you are in the car for a while, like us on our drive to the ski hill, change your baby’s diaper when you arrive at your destination to give them a clean start.
  3. Be mindful of how much time passes in between diaper changes as well as how many layers they are wearing. While you are outside with your baby, keep them warm, but when you go inside for a break, even if just for a few minutes, remove some of their layers to give them some air to breathe.
  4. If you know you have a long day of bundling ahead, plan for some extra “air time” at the end of the day letting your baby play free without a diaper on.
  5. As always, treat mild diaper rash early so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem! Continue with Triple Paste as both a preventative measure and to heal diaper rash, but if the rash persists, always make sure to see your doctor.
Try using Triple Paste as a preventative measure and share your success story with us!

Triple Paste sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

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