How to Relieve a Cough at Night

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It’s 2am and you hear coughing coming from your kids bedroom. You think to yourself, “here we go again…no more sleep for any of us until this cough passes”. We have all been there. The truth is, is that if that were true, then my house would get no sleep at all from the first frost until the final thaw in April! Like anything else, finding a routine that works for you is essential, and using the right products to help with your child’s cough is a must. There is hope! You will sleep again, and so will your little ones with a good nighttime routine and the help of Vicks VapoRub.

The anxiety always sets in when night falls. As soon as it begins to get dark outside, you call feel your child’s cough getting worse and you dread what the night ahead has in store. A poor nights sleep leads to an exhausted child the following day which sets a vicious cycle in motion. Both of my kids go through the entire winter with a cough. I always find myself telling their teachers that this is what the winter looks like for them and that they shouldn’t be alarmed! Speaking of alarms, there is no need for one in our house, because a few coughs from one of my kids rooms, and the whole house is awake. We needed to find a solution to get everyone through the night with a good sleep.

The Solution: Vicks VapoRub

After speaking with my kids paediatrician about how to relieve their coughs at night, she suggested using VapoRub as the medicated vapors last up to 8 hours giving them cough relief throughout the night. It is fast acting and is safe to use on children 2 years of age and older. The application is simple and soothing, so there is no fight from your child like you might experience when trying to give oral medications. The last thing anyone wants at the end of a long day is a fight! I simply spread the VapoRub on their chest and neck before bed and since VapoRub is fast acting, I trust that it will help them get the long lasting relief they need to sleep through the night and feel well rested in the morning.

Routine is key

As a former teacher and a parent, I know how important routine is. When kids know what to expect, it makes everything so much easier, bedtime included! VapoRub has become a part of our nightly routine and the kids look forward to getting their chest rubbed before bed as they know it will help with their cough. Our nightly routine begins with a warm bath followed by a good moisturizer. Not only does the cold weather bring out their coughs, but it is tough on their skin too!

After bath, they get into their pyjamas, brush their hair and their teeth and then snuggle into bed together to read books. Once we have read one too many books, each kid gets into their own bed to be tucked in. Before pulling up the covers, I apply VapoRub to their neck and chest. Since it is fast acting, it helps to relieve their cough quickly as they settle into their beds for the night. More often than not, I find them asking me to rub it in for a bit longer as they love the way it makes them feel as well as the cooling sensation.

Taking back the control

Unlike an infection that requires an antibiotic, a cough makes you feel helpless as a parent. The anxiety that you feel when you think there is nothing you can do to help is just awful. VapoRub lets me take the control back to help my kids get relief through the night so that we can all get a good nights sleep. How much or how little I use is in my control and knowing that it is safe to use on young children is what is most important to me. With trusted ingredients from a brand I know and can trust, I feel confident using VapoRub on my kids! My advice: make sure you have VapoRub in the medicine cabinet and in your toiletry bag when you travel to be prepared for coughs that just won’t quit!

Have you tried Vick’s VapoRub for relief of your child’s cough? Share your success story with us!

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