Fun College Moving Tips

Fun College Moving Tips and Decorating Ideas

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When going to away to college, there are many monumental moments to experience. Whether it be moving into a dormitory, getting a roommate, or being away from home for the very first time. These are some of the most daunting yet exhilarating moments of our lives. After a year in college, there is one more milestone to undergo and that is getting my own place off campus. With so many inspirations and ideas to decorate my new apartment, this task can be quite overwhelming. I have created a few Fun College Moving Tips and Decorating Ideas, to help the move become more efficient for everyone involved!

Fun College Moving Tips and Decorating Ideas

Start Decorating Early

Having gone through the experience of organizing my dorm-room decorations a week before the move, I have learned first-hand that last-minute planning can be mayhem. Procrastinating interior decorating is stressful!  I noticed that many items were sold out and there lacked variety at local stores. Solving this issue is an easy fix. This year, with help from Mom, I started the process in March to help prepare for my September move. I had completed furnishing and decorating my room by May. This was a huge weight off my shoulders for the start of school in September. Instead of finessing room décor last minute, I have more time to prepare for my academics and enjoy orientation-week!

Design With a Stunning Statement Piece

Fun College Moving Tips and Decorating Ideas

Believe it or not, not everyone has a “vision” of how their apartment-room is going to look! Being easygoing has it’s perks, but not when coming to a concrete decision on how to design a room. To narrow down my decision, I started with this huge-fluffy tropical pink washable rug. Not only did the pink, black and grey rug add a warm and feminine dynamic to my room, but it set a colour pallet to follow. I went ahead and selected  pillows that matched it like this washable cushion leaf. This statement-piece-rug definitely sets the mood of my room and made the whole design process much easier.

Fun College Moving Tips -A Bonding Experience
Fun College Moving Tips and Decorating Ideas

With the common room area-design, it is important to ultimately have fun with it and collaborate unique ideas. When decorating my kitchen, den and other shared living space, it was a great opportunity for me to bond with my roommate. My roommate and I were constantly sending each other photos of things to buy to add quirky and personal elements to the apartment. It’s important to also compromise and understand that not everything has to fit into a “vision.” It is better to maintain strong and stable friendships rather than having the apartment only serve your taste. If you don’t have a roommate, there are still plenty of ways to make the moving experience meaningful! Take the time out of your day and work on the planning with Mom and Dad and have them pick out items, so you can still feel close to home!

Do you have any decorating tips to help with this transition?

Some of these items were given to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

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This post was contributed by Mia Kobrin. Mia completed her first year at the University of Western Ontario. She is continually invested in giving back to her community.

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