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The 4Moms line of products are sure to make your head turn, and they keep introducing  high-tech, top of the line, innovative products year after year. I already owned a mamaRoo, an Origami and the Breeze play yard, so when I was asked to review the new rockaRoo, I was excited to see how it compared to the other 4Moms products that I have already become so familiar with.

rockarooWhat’s the rockaRoo?

My first impression of the rockaRoo was how lightweight it is. The rockaRoo is only 2-1/2 pounds lighter than the mamaRoo but feels so much more mobile if needed to move around room-to-room in your house. The fabric is also extremely plush and wraps all the way down and over the edge where the babies feet would kick.

The assembly was also quick and easy — snap here, strap there and there, add the toy bar and plug it in. Within 5 minutes my baby was rocking away. I have not needed to clean the fabric yet but I would assume it would be just as easy to clean as the initial set up to remove and machine wash. The controls are straightforward and easy enough for my toddler to turn on for his baby sister (maybe a bit too easy). The MP3 hookup is a great feature because the whole family can be rocking away to our preferred music choice and not the “stock” silly songs that come with so many baby swings out there.

Size matters

The footprint size of the rockaRoo is not too overpowering for our city apartment. Plus the modern design and fabric choices are not an eyesore and fit in perfectly with our “adult style” living room decor. The rockaRoo currently comes in three different pattern choices — multi plush, silver plush and classic grey. The toy bar is sweet and entertaining, and even with my baby’s full-force strength she was not able to pull it out of the holder.

rockaroo side view baby

rockaRoo safety features

The rocking motion is soothing and calming. The baby did not fuss to be taken out and enjoyed a longer than normal rocking session.

My daughter can not sit up unassisted yet but at 7 months old she is trying really hard! So when she tried to sit up on the rockaRoo the safety features kicked in, the on/off switch started blinking and the rocking slowed down to a complete stop. I can’t express how much I LOVE this safety feature!

The main feature I am not a huge fan of its longevity of use, once your baby weighs 25 pounds or can sit up unassisted — whichever comes first — you must discontinue use. I completely understand at this point your baby will be happier not sitting strapped into a chair, but sometimes a mama needs a place to contain the baby. However, the price point is right in range with similar less tech-advanced style chairs, that also only go up to 25 pounds.

rockaroo Front View baby

Product description

The rockaRoo flips the swing on it’s head. Literally. It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby. Increasing distance from the pivot point creates more motion at the baby’s head, where it counts. With it’s small footprint and sleek, modern design, the rockaRoo looks great in any home!

  • Five rocking speeds

  • MP3 hook-up

  • Removable toy balls

  • Fabric (both plush and classic) is easy to remove and machine washable

  • Suitable from birth to 25 pounds (Discontinue use once child can sit up unassisted)

  • Product weighs 11-1/2 pounds. LWH: 29.6” x 16.5” x 27.5”

  • No batteries — just plug it in

  • One-year warranty

If you have any questions about the rockaRoo or any of the other 4Moms products listed above feel free to ask and I will try to answer best that I can.

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I was provided with a 4Moms rockaRoo for review purposes but as always all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I would spoil my friends baby 🙂 what an awesome gift to give

  2. My little one would love one of these!!! She loves to be held and swayed!

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  8. Would love this for our 3 week old, we dont have a swing.

  9. Would love to spoiled my new baby girl we don’t have a working swing and this would help mommy out:)

  10. My baby on the way, but think my 4 other kids and my stepdaughter would love to spoil the baby too! lol 🙂

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  16. I’d love to spoil my little guy, coming sometime around mid-April (perfect timing for an Accountant mommy, hey?).

  17. Thanks for the post. Those safety features are pretty unique 🙂 My next baby will be joining us in July and my previous have pretty much worn out our previous seat.

  18. It will be great to have a rockaroo for my baby boy due in March 23rd!!!

  19. My little guy, any future little ones & when my friends bring their littles over for the day.

  20. I’d want to spoil my first baby that’s due in August!

  21. I’d love to win it for my niece (due in April), then she could pass it down to my own future baby!

  22. Love this – great rocker and space efficient! 🙂

  23. Great review! Can’t wait to use 4moms products with my little one in just a couple short weeks!

  24. My unborn son! He still has a few months before he’s due to arrive, but I’m getting very excited about the rockaroo!

  25. Thanks for the product information. A little pricey for our family budget, but what isn’t these days.

  26. I’d like to spoil my new little guy due in March with this RockARoo!

  27. I want one, I have this on my registry! 🙂 The safety features and cost of this is what sold me on this model.

  28. This is super cool! I particularly like the fabric choices!

  29. I would so love this for my daughter who will arrive in April!

  30. Thank yoy for your very helpful review. I would love to have one of these.

  31. I cannot wait to try this with this next one. With my first son we did not have the money to purchase this, but it looked amazing. Can’t wait

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  35. Love the mamaRoo, I sure the rockaroo is even better!!!

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  38. My niece or nephew due in July…until next year then hopefully I will have a baby to use it for!

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  40. Right now, my little niece or nephew! Would love to have this for when they come over to visit.

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  50. These look like they would be a God-send! Would love to try one with our baby coming in April.

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  54. Ready to spoil my TWIN niece & nephew! They should be here any day <3

  55. My new little man due in June. Though I’m willing to bet that my 3 year old will try to get in it or put his animals in it lol

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  57. This rockaroo looks so awesome. I think my newborn would like it.

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  59. Our new baby is due in August so this would be perfect for us!

  60. I’m due in September with #3 he or she will be rocking in the rockaRoo if I win.

  61. I am going to use it with my grandson and with the other babies! I have a infant daycare!!!

  62. The little one we hope to be pregnant with in a couple weeks (going through IVF)

  63. My Son Colton who will be born in a couple of months <3

  64. Our little bun in the oven; still in the baking process!

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  66. Sweet little bundle on the way and would be absolutely humbled to win!

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  74. My son who was born at 25 weeks but is now 40 weeks today! He should be coming home from the NICU in a couple weeks!

  75. This is a must have for our next little one! The design also looks like it would be more durable than most swings, my 18mo is terrible about hanging on our Fisher Price swing and “bouncing” on it.

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  87. my unborn baby! -finding out soon! hopefully a boy! (we already have two girls)

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  96. I would love to spoil my little ones in the Rockaroo. I love the colors of the design and the features, OMG the features… Love that it has the ability to integrate music with your mp3 player.

  97. I love the 4moms line. Thank you so much. For talking about what you didn’t like!!

  98. Our new little one on the way would love a rockaroo

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  105. I would love to get a RockaRoo for our future child. My husband and I are in the process of trying to get pregnant and would love to start preparing now. We are so excited!

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  125. You’re the first person that has mentioned the safety feature! That was something I was curious about. And I’m wishing to spoil my new baby coming in May!!! We’re moving within a couple weeks after baby comes and it would be a dream to have a place to keep baby while ky toddler runs around 🙂

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  127. I would like this for my niece, she will arrive in a couple of months.

  128. I would put my 3 month old daughter in it. I love them! I want one so bad for her she was a premi and it would be great for her but with medical bills we can’t afford one right now and she has 2 older brothers. I’m still hoping tho that we will be able to get her one somehow

  129. I would spoil my niece and put her in there so her mommy can take a break

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  131. it would have to be my son Cody. My arms are getting tired..grandma and grandpa could only help me for so long.

  132. my daughter Abby, she LOVES LOVES to be rocked so this would be totally perfect for her. Also my nephew would enjoy this as well. Sharing is caring =)

  133. I am hoping to win this Rockaroo for my baby girl who due to arrive April 10!

  134. I have heard great things about these. Would love one.

  135. We are currently trying for baby #2!!! I would love to own a rockaRoo!!! I have heard nothing but amazing things about the 4 moms products!

  136. I would spoil my 2nd grandchild (due in July) with it!

  137. I would love to spoil our new bundle of joy expected in April with this fabulous product.

  138. My husband and I are currently trying for our 2nd, so I’m trying to get a head start!! So I would love to spoil a squishy unborn little baby 🙂

  139. I want to spoil my Son, Asher Quinn who will be 5 months February 9th!
    We love 4moms!!!

  140. we have a little dude coming home soon – cant wait to spoil him!

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  143. My third lil bundle of joy who will arrive in just 3 months!

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  145. My son!! He already rocks my world, so he could totally rock a rockaroo!!!!

  146. We are expecting our first baby in August and would love to rock him or her in a rockaRoo!

  147. I would love to spoil my little one with this! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  148. my sister will have a baby boy on April, this will be the perfect gift for her & my future nephew! she is my best friend & having the best infant seat is going to make her baby & her spoiled, thats for sure!
    thank you so much for the chance!

  149. I want to spoil my new infant baby boy with a rockaRoo!

  150. We used a Fisher Price rocker which featured some vibration for our two kids and it worked really well to calm and sooth them. But these are so much nicer looking and have so much more features!

  151. I have heard so may good things about all the awesome features.

  152. What a neat product – love the fact that it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space. I’m expecting twins in less than six weeks and need all the space I can get. 🙂 Cute name, too.

  153. I am pregnant with our 3rd and would love to put it in this rockaroo when it arrives in June!!

  154. My hubby and I are working on our first baby now! Thanks so much for the opportunity! This would be a huge blessing!!!

  155. I would use it for my new nephew and other nephew due this summer.

  156. This would be such a Blessing just had baby girl and we don’t have a working swing!
    Thanks for the chance:)

  157. I’d love to rock my little 6 week old daughter in a rockaroo! ♡

  158. I would love to spoil our Isaac who will be here soon 😉

  159. We’re expecting our #2 baby, so he/she would be the proud owner of rockaRoo. thank you for the chance.

  160. Wow! This RockaRoo is amazing! This is a mother’s dream because you can rock your baby to sleep at the touch of a button. Or if your baby has colic it can help as well since the motion of it will act as a soother. And it has safety features so your baby stays put which is really smart feature.

  161. I would love to spoil my first coming this spring! It has taken a while to get him here and I can hardly contain my excitement! I would love for him to be whisked to sleep in a fabulous RockaRoo!

  162. My cousin just got a 5 day old foster daughter yesterday! Would love to give this to her!

  163. Since we have a baby, we know a ton of people with babies, too! I have someone in mind for this one. 🙂

  164. I’d love to give this to my good friend who is having her first baby soon!

  165. We are expecting our first in October and I would love to have this for our baby!

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  168. I would love to put my son in a RockaRoo to give my arms a rest.

  169. I want to rock our little girl joining the family in June

  170. What a beautiful gift for an expectant mom. My BFF is pregnant with her first after two very stressful years of trying. This would be a wonderful gift to her. 🙂

  171. My new little girl or my new niece or nephew coming in September!!!

  172. My husband and I are expecting our first child in a couple months. We know our baby would get so much enjoyment out of it (and we’d get enjoyment through that)!

  173. I’d love one of these to rock my first born (on the way)!

  174. I would love to rock my very first baby who will be arriving in May:)

  175. Would LOVE to win this for baby #2, due in about 4 wks!!

  176. I’d put my sweet baby boy Isaac in that awesome swing.

  177. I want to use this for our next baby – my daughter needs a younger brother or sister, and we’re ready to try!

  178. I absolutely adore 4Moms. They are innovative and fun. I would love a new Rockaroo…

  179. I would love to win one for my baby boy sue in a few months.

  180. My second baby. I’m sure my 2 yr old daughter will try to seat in it..

  181. I would put my three month old in it! He would love it!!

  182. I would spoil my bouncing baby boy #3. He would look to rock out in a Rockaroo!

  183. I would spoil my first born who is due to arrive July 4th!

  184. Would love to win this for Baby #4 due in june
    Thanks for the chance

  185. Have a second baby on the way due May 1st and with a 22 month old running around the house with curiosity and excitement… This would be a lifesaver for me to use for our little new one! I love the stylish look and functionality of this product and would be elated to win! 🙂

  186. My new niece or nephew! My brother gets to find out soon!

  187. Until I have my second baby, I would lend it to my friend, who will definitely need an extra set of “hands” caring for her very active toddler and new babe, while her husband is working and going to school full time.

  188. I just had a beautiful baby boy on Feb. 3 and he would totally rock this!

  189. My cousin and his wife are having their first in August, I know they would really love this!

  190. I would love to spoil baby #2! I’ve heard amazing things about the RockaRoo!

  191. I would spoil my little niece or nephew which is due in June.

  192. I would use it for my twin granddaughters due in April.

  193. I would love to spoil baby #3! She is due in about 8 weeks.

  194. I want to use this with the baby that I’m trying to have.

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  196. Hi I was wonder if you prefer the mamaroo or the rockaroo? And why? I’m recently expecting and love the 4moms products but there’s no way i can afford to get them at all, I’m thinking about buying used and I’m a huge fan of yours and very much value your opinion! Thank you
    Xoxo crystal

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