Recipe For A Post-Pandemic Getaway

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It’s been a year and a half of craziness, but one of the things I’ve missed most is getting together in-person with my people. Now that the world is opening up again (and please don’t let me jinx it by saying it!), I was eager to get some quality girl time with my high school bestie. We needed a post-pandemic getaway.

Any good getaway has the essentials the mind and body need – rest, movement, and food all wrapped up in the giggles, conversations and sacred moments of a good friendship.

Recipe for Planning a Girlfriend Getaway

Everyone’s version of an ideal time away may look a little different but I’ve narrowed it down to four key elements for my getaway recipe. If seeing people in person seems a bit foreign or you need some tips on how to get social again with friends, feel free to use my recipe as a guide. Tweak as needed.

1. Relax The Mind

After more than a year of adding virtual classroom monitor, mask washer, snack replenisher, PE teacher, and we’ve-been-stuck-in-the-house-all-day sibling fight breaker-upper to my job description (in addition to my fulltime work-from-home job!), I was ready to relax. Anyone else raising a hand? I found it at the newly-opened Azure Palm Hot Spring Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

While the new resort is technically located in Desert Hot Springs, anything in the greater Palm Springs area spell G-E-T-A-W-A-Y to me. Do you have a place like that? It’s a place I’ve never brought my kids to, never have work trips to and where it’s often too hot to do anything by relax.

The Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort helped me get right into the relaxation zone. Spacious rooms with their own mineral hot spring tubs, views of the mountains and and yoga mats. Five mineral hot spring pools at various temperatures, filled with silica-rich water to soften and moisturize my skin along with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and lithium to relax my muscles and mind. A zen-ed out Himalayan salt room and an ice room to, well, chill in. Two days here with my bestie helped us get to a deep collective exhale after the last year.

2. Move Your Body

As much as I love to relax, I love it even more after I’ve earned it with some movement. However 111°F summer heat in the desert does not inspire me to workout. Luckily, you can escape the desert heat with the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. In just about a 10 minute tram ride, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway takes you 2.5 miles up along the cliffs of Chino Canyon to Mr. San Jacinto State Park where it is usually 20-30° cooler than the valley floor.

The slowly-rotating tram provides stellar views of the valley, and, once at the top, a collection of hiking paths to explore along with a museum, historical film and restaurants to refuel.

I had been wanting to try the tram for years and it did not disappoint. The Nature Walk and Desert Valley Trail are both loop trails and family-friendly. More experienced hikers may want to try the 5-mile Round Valley Trail. There are lockers if you want to stash your own picnic or restaurants for grab-and-go lunch. The sit-down option, Peaks Restaurant, is currently closed for renovation but plans to be open by Fall 2021.

3. Eat & Drink Well

True inner refreshment relies on quality refueling as well. Since there are no restaurants at the Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort, we headed over to Palm Springs to check out the newly-opened 1501 Uptown Gastropub.

If you’re a fan of the Palm Springs restaurant scene, 1501 Uptown is the brainchild of Willie Rhine of Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge and Chad Gardner of 533 Viet Fusion and Roly China Fusion. The result is a gastropub that feels personable even when it’s packed with patrons, a satisfying cocktail and wine list and a dinner menu that will make it hard to decide.

We lingered over the menu with their cheese and charcuterie board and ultimately decided on the Chilled Tiger Shrimp and Local Date and Arugula salad as well as the Spicy Sauteed Shrimp Thai-Style. Finishing the evening with berry fruit crumble was also a very, very good decision. Be sure to grab a reservation on OpenTable to ensure you can get a table.

4. Laugh Hard

Laughter really is the best medicine and getting your giggle on with a good friend is a must in my book to help boost us all out of this pandemic funk and reinvigorate us for the school year ahead. We got our giggles attempting to grab Instagram-worthy pics (not my strength), the Uber driver who told his entire life story on our drive to dinner, and reminiscing about all the past adventures and getaways we’ve had.

By the end, minds and muscles were relaxed; hearts and bellies full.

Now it’s your turn!

Where is your favorite place to getaway with a girlfriend to recharge?

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are my own. Thanks to Azure Palm Desert Hot Springs Resort, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and 1501 Uptown Gastropub for hosting us!

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