Planning A Fantastic Family-Friendly Weekend In Jacksonville

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Jacksonville, Florida, is not only the most populous city in the state of Florida. It also has a huge stretch of beaches, over 22 miles in total, a bustling artistic scene, and more greenery than you shake a branch at. It’s also an excellent place to go with the kids. Here are just some of the attractions worth making the trip for.

Nature and wonder

As mentioned, Jacksonville is replete with natural beauty, meaning there are lots of outdoor activities for the kids and parents. You can head on over to the Jacksonville Zoo to see a host of animals in their natural habitats and learn more about some of the more fascinating creatures we share a planet with. Little Talbot Island State Park is a fantastic outdoor spot for trekking, cycling, and exploring nature in all of its glory, as well, with a wide range of carefully maintained trails as well as some wild coasts to make your way along. There are even camping spots if you want to make a night of it.

Fun and games

Kids love to make sure their time is being spent well. It’s a good thing there is tons of fun stuff in Jacksonville for them to wrap their heads around. Dog Wood Park is a fantastic place to play, especially if you’re bringing the pooch with you, as well. Another trend that has been taking off is escape rooms, such as The Escape Game, in which your family can work together to find their way out of one puzzling room.

Thrills and spills

If you prefer things a little faster and a little louder, then Jacksonville has plenty of that for you, too. There are tons of water slides and other attractions at the always-popular Adventure Landing And Shipwreck Island Water Park. Aside from the park itself, it offers go-karting, laser tag, and a great arcade full of fun games and prizes to win. If you prefer a little more fun behind the wheel, then the Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events has multiple tracks to enjoy. It’s best to hit it up during the day as at weekends and nights, it tends to draw a more adult crowd.

Sand and sea

Of course, you can visit Jacksonville without paying the proper respects to the sheer glut of beaches that it has. There are tons of family-friendly beaches to enjoy, including public beaches that have all the access to surfing, swimming, diving, kayaking, and more, such as Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach. Then there are those beaches that are a little more private, but not quite as good for sunbathing, like Huguenot Memorial park, where you can enjoy a relaxing walk, see some gorgeous marine birdlife and enjoy some coastal views, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

If you don’t have a fantastic family trip out to the River City, then you might just be doing something wrong. The next time you head out, be sure to hit up some of the stops mentioned above.

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